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Valentine’s Day tip: Say it with flowers


Are you planning on surprising anyone with flowers this Valentine’s Day? Before you start picking out your bouquet, it’s best to know what those flowers mean. While it’s always the thought that counts behind any present, it might be interesting to know the traditional meaning behind each kind of bloom. Who knows, perhaps that special significance can add a little extra to the Valentine’s message you want to get across.

Roses are the most popular flowers during the Valentine’s season.  Red roses are traditionally the symbols of utmost romance and love. If you desire a long-lasting passion and committed love, then presenting your beloved with red roses is just the thing.

If you plan on giving your friends Valentine’s presents, consider yellow roses. Yellow is a color of warmth and joy, just like the comfort of good friends. Yellow roses stand for happiness and friendship.

Pink roses are often given as a sign of admiration. They’re not as intense as their red counterparts, but evoke same elegance and grace. It could be perfect for budding romances or couples in the wooing stage.

For new beginnings, white roses are traditionally given as they represent purity and innocence. White roses are also said to represent honor and remembrance, which make them an ideal choice for commemorative celebrations.

Tulips have gained popularity over the years as well, and it is also a fond favorite for showing love.  Its large, showy petals are traditionally said to symbolize fame, while its velvet-like dark center stands for a lover’s heart colored deep with passion. In the West, tulips are also one of the first flowers to blossom during the spring. This is why it is also associated with hope and a new life.

If you want to give the gift of cheer, Gerbera daisies stand for just that. Daisies generally represent beauty, but the vibrant colors of the Gerbera daisies added the meaning of cheerfulness and optimism. Cheering someone up during Valentine’s Day may just be achievable with a bouquet of Gerberas.

Chrysanthemums are associated with life and admiration. Just don’t give white chrysanthemums to a loved one as they represent grief and lamentation.

If you like beautiful and dramatic flowers, the stargazer lily is a good choice. The pink stargazer lilies that are popular during Valentine’s are traditionally a sign of wealth and prosperity.

Partners that may want to stress their commitment to each other could consider sunflowers. Sunflowers are radiant and warm, and they represent loyalty and longevity.

There are many different types of orchids, but generally they signify rare beauty.  Maybe it’s the exotic charm the flowers exude. With this meaning, perhaps orchids can best be given to that truly one-of-a-kind person in your life.

Flowers have long been a favorite Valentine’s present, so why not take a little extra step in learning the meaning behind each blossom? You could mix and match various flowers for layers of meanings. Better yet, whoever you’re thinking of giving flowers to, find out what their favorite flowers are. Presenting them with their favorite blooms could be even more thoughtful and inspired.

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By Toni Tiu

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