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Congrats! Mayor Oric Furigay


There’s a fresh wind of change at Lamitan over there at the island-province across the strait and of course Lamiteños in Basilan or elsewhere like it. Kudos to the incessant effort of City Mayor Roderick H. Furigay who followed up the cityhood case all the way to the Supreme Court. The efforts paid-off. Congratulation Mayor Furigay. Orchids to you and other city elective officials.

Lamitan is back to its status as a component city. Rep. Act No. 9393 converting the Municipality of Lamitan into a component city is alive. The fresh wind of change will blow throughout the whole LGU bureaucracy and certainly linger in the hearts and mind of the Lamiteños, its environment and to fast track development.

The cityhood of Lamitan finally stays with 7-6 votes decision of the Supreme Court en banc last February 15, 2011, a love gift extended to the Lamiteños one day after Valentine Day. Lamitan City officials led by Mayor Roderick Furigay and Vice Mayor Arleigh Wee Eisma have all the reasons to rejoice and be jubilant over the landmark decision after three years of legal battle at the highest court of the land. The bottom line with this decision, can we expect major change on the attitude and behavior of some corrupt department heads of the city government. This scenario, I suppose, should be the priority concern of the generous city executive, Mayor Oric Furigay as well as the city elective officials.

The Sangguniang Panlungsod of Lamitan had invited military and police officers to its regular session last February 16, 2011. The military and police officers invited as resource persons were Police Col. Alex Lineses, Basilan PNP provincial director, Lt. Col. R. Pompa, 32nd IB Commander, PA, Police Col. Allen Portes and Police Supt. Nantes.

Subject of the dialogue with the police and military officers had been focused on the security aspect in Lamitan, the role of the military component in coordination with the police force. Other important issues tackled were on the rampant sale of prohibitive drugs and the reactivation of the Area coordination center (ACC) in Lamitan to monitor hostile elements entering the poblacion and part of protective measures for the security of the people.

In the dialogue, it was learned that Lamitan has a total strength of forty (40) police personnel which is not proportionate to the population requirement as a component city of 500 residents to one police personnel ratio.

Lamitan City has a population of more than hundred inhabitants. At the ratio of 500 to 1, it should have two hundred policemen. The requirement is quite difficult to meet its compliance due to inadequate number of police personnel available.

Somehow, a police officer divulged that PNP is in the process of recruitment for additional police personnel. Vice Mayor Arleigh Wee Eisma expressed his disappointment and commented that their recommendees in the past years to join the PNP were not given due consideration despite the fact that they are bonafide residents of Lamitan.

How true is the feedback to join the PNP an applicant must have to meet the unwritten requirement fast becoming standard operating procedure, allegedly a dole out or “pabaon” goodwill token  amounting to 300 grands. An applicant can easily be denied the opportunity to join the PNP to make it appear that he failed through simple deficiency in physical and mental health or failure to pass the psycho-neuro test.

There’s one interesting feedback gathered lately is the alleged “CAR KEY” dole out by an applicant if he is so desirous to join the PNP. What is worse, there are even ugly rumors on alleged sex in exchange for accommodation to join the final list of qualified PNP recruits.

All the feedbacks apparently are so difficult to prove unless a whistleblower surface and came out in the open. This can be an object of prove should a whistleblower willing to divulge the modus operandi of the deal.

Necessarily, I believe, the need to overhaul and revise the system and mechanism in the recruitment of PNP personnel. The local government units as they are the recipients of the police recruitment should be given the leeway and allowed to be included in the panel or board in the selection of prospective policemen.

A lot of scalawags and sluggish applicants who become policemen not because they are  physically and mentally fit but able to comply the  unwritten requisite the suspicion pointing out to the allegation on  the alleged dole out or goodwill token, the considerable passport to join the PNP.

SCCOP: Is the PNP, unlike the AFP scandal involving military generals, free from anomalies and corrupt practices? Senator Ping Lacson has of late, started to divulge wrongdoings in the PNP.

ABANGAN natin . . . .  Who knows?

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