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Remember great events: Our year-ender (Part II)


“Today’s terrorist is tomorrow’s statesmen: one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s common criminal.”
-David Lamb, The Arabs: Journeys Beyond the Miraj (1987)

“Islam teaches freedom , cherishes it for the Muslims as  well as for the non-Muslims. The Islamic concept of freedom applies to all voluntary activities of man in all walks of life.”
-Hammudah Abdalati, FOCUS IN ISLAM

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Sorry folks for having delayed too long the Part II of my “Year – Ender”, nonetheless, this is not yet late. I owe this to my readers to continue the report of the year that was, and, perhaps, chart what will be the challenges of the present. Hopeful, expectations of the good prospects for the future. Hopeful, in the sense, what maybe the challenges, we will overcome with whatever come along our way, in our journey of life.

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Whatever is narrated here is based from the many letters sent by great personalities and I institutions to this writer in the course of his involvement in peace advocacy and other similar activities in our beloved City. Hereunder are some of the Events:

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September 13, 2010, this writer was invited to a consultation meeting dubbed as: “Zamboanga

City Partners Consultation Meeting: Building Public –Private Partnerships for Family Planning – Maternal and Child Health”. This was the Department of Health’s activity of outlining the importance of engaging the local stakeholders and strengthening public-private partnership in its health programs.

The consultation was held at the Garden Orchid Hotel.

September 21, 2010, this writer was invited to give a message to assembled student leaders coming from the different schools and colleges in the City. It was in observance of “International Day of Peace Tribute to the Decade of Peace”

The affair was held at Solidarity Center of the interreligious Solidarity Movement for Peace, this City.

May 30 – 31, 2010, A Round Table Discussion on Islamic Studies spearheaded by the Research Association for Islamic Studies based in the UP-Diliman, which actively is campaigning for the advancement of the teaching of Islamic studies in colleges and universities in the country.

The Round Table discussion was held at the Grand Astoria Hotel. This writer was invited to be one of those to share some of his thoughts with regards to the Teaching of Islamic Studies in our colleges and universities. Across the country.

June 5, 2010 INTERFIDEI members came all the way from Indonesia to meet with their counterpart – the interreligious partners in the city. A discussion of inter-faith was on top of the agenda between the INTERFIDEI and the members of the Interreligious Solidarity Movement for Peace.

June 17, PZ FESTIVAL OF LEARNING AND SHARING OF EXPERIENCES was the title of that  activity which was held in the Solidarity Center, this City. Visitors from Manos Unidas and AECID-CONVENIO were the special guest during that gathering.

July 10, 2010, PAZ and Interreligious Solidarity Movement for Peace held an Orientation Seminar in collaboration with the Department of Education (Division Office) in the implementation of Executive Order No. 570 otherwise known as “Institutionalizing Peace Education in Basic Education and Teacher Education which was held at the Function Hall of Marcian Business Center, this City. Participants were Secondary or Assistant School Heads or In-Charge and Schools District Supervisors.

On the same day, the monthly meeting of the IRSMP was held at the Solidarity Center in preparations for the Mindanao Week of Peace  and the updates on the Mindanao Peoples Peace Agenda.

July 15, 2010, held at the Ateneo de Zamboanga University was the launching of the book “BAKWIT” and a special lecture rendered by the author himself, Jose Jowel Canuday. This was held at the ADZU’s Carlos Dominguez Conference Hall.

July 21, 2010, I sat as a member of the Panel of Reactors during the Public Symposium Re: “Genetically Modified  Organisms and Their implications to the Halal System” held at Juanito Bruno Gymnasium, WMSU sponsored by the South East Asia Regional Initiatives for Community Empowerment(SEARICE) in collaboration with the Philippine Biosafety and  Biosecurity and the Western Mindanao Western Mindanao/State University.

**     **       **

DULY NOTED…. The death of former Chief of Staff Angelo Reyes claimed by the police as “Suicide should serve as good  lessons for those who abused their position  in office. I do not need to elaborate.

… Tyrantts never learn their lessons. A good lesson of what had happened to Tunisia, then Egypt comes next is ALegria and Lately, Yemen and Bahrain! Who’s next?  Whats Next?
(To be – continued …)


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