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Insanity Workout


Just how insane is the Insanity Workout? Well, this heavy-duty interval workout is pretty intense, requiring stamina, dedication and hard work. But it will yield results, in the loss of fat, increase in muscle—particularly in the abdominal area—and in a much stronger core.

The Insanity Workout, developed using MAX Interval Training, is a 60-day program that can be done at home without special equipment. While it is advanced and can be extreme in nature, pushing your physical boundaries, the 10 DVDs provide detailed instruction and motivation to push through and complete all 60 days. Trainer Shaun T (no last name, just initial), the energy behind the popular Hip Hop Abs program, will keep you sweating (and probably swearing) as you move through each workout.

MAX Interval Training requires a long set of high-intensity exercises, followed by a short low-intensity set, and repeating for maximum benefit. Intervals may include calisthenics, plyometrics, aerobic exercises, and sports drills. The 6-day-a-week workout lasts approximately 45 minutes and can be done any time of the day, without going to a gym.

The Insanity Workout will provide you with endurance, less fat, and more muscle tone. Along with the variety of workouts on the DVDs, the program comes with a nutrition guide, workout calendar, workout guide, as well as online support and a Fit Test Tracker. The nutrition guide can be especially important, as you will need fuel to take you through workouts that can burn up to 1,000 calories.

Reviews on the site were, understandably, positive. But the thread was the same, with reviewers saying that the program had kicked their butt, gotten them into shape, and feeling better overall. Independent reviews that I found were also generally positive, some warning that this workout program is not for the faint of heart or physically unfit. It is better suited to someone who has been doing at least a minimal amount of exercise and should be avoided by those who have joint problems.

Insanity Workout runs about $144 (including shipping). There is a 30-day money back guarantee, but the program itself takes 60 days, so you may not be able to take advantage of the return until it is too late. (

By Susan Brady

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