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Akbayan says YES to classrooms, NO to Zamcelco corruption


Akbayan de Zamboanga supports the nationwide EDSA run on February 27 to build classrooms yet conscious too to run against corruption and bold enough to put to task cheats and thieves of people’s hard earned money.

Akbayan de Zamboanga is one with the people in their collective conscience to build a better future of kids hopeful too of a better tomorrow built brick by brick by the present day Zamboangueños.

Akbayan de Zamboanga upholds the philosophical tradition that negation is affirmation. When you say no to something you say yes to another thing. When you say no to a corrupt ZAMCELCO you say yes to a reformed honest ZAMCELCO.

Akbayan de Zamboanga’s founding pillars stood by the people in the 1990’s and led the people‘s assault against privatization of Zamboanga City Water District then, they vow to do it again, this time against the Ali Baba and the forty thieves of ZAMCELCO. Then, the people won and the city became one of the defiant few Davids who withstood the challenge of international and local Goliaths led by City Hall and City Council. Today we put on our armor again to wage another battle against those who wish to destroy through corruption the ZAMCELCO we wish our kids to inherit. Curiously through the people’s nemesis remains the same.

Akbayan de Zamboanga considers social justice as its reason for being and the welfare of the people its religion. It being so, we wish to put on the table the Reform Agenda that should illuminate the current debate on ZAMCELCO’s corruption that started years ago yet finds no resolution even today, no thanks to our illustrious local leaders.

1.    Change of management. Swift, unconditional, non-negotiable. As both Management and Board have completely breached and lost public trust while hijacking the concept of due process as the convenient refuge of the scoundrels.

2.    ZAMCELCO as genuine cooperative. Bring ZAMCELCO under the umbrella of Cooperative Development Authority if only to enhance public ownership as it has more stringent regulatory mechanisms.

3.    Reduction of systems loss. Making it a definitive bench mark for the replacement team to address.

4.    Transparency, accountability and people’s participation. Conduct an immediate multi-stakeholders power development planning that prioritizes consumer participation and demand-side management. Put in place structures that will institutionalize genuine people’s participation thereby promote transparency and accountability.

5.    Review and repudiation of fraudulent loans. The consuming public must not at any given time be at the receiving end of any anomalous transactions, instead, put accountability in the very pockets of cheats and thieves.

6.    Calibrated refund of overcharges. If only to slowly restore public trust to a very accountable management.

7.    Scrap memorandum of agreement between ZAMCELCO and Conal Holdings Corporation for the construction a coal fired power plant. It being greatly onerous and disadvantageous to the consuming public aside from it not being environment friendly. ZAMCELCO should instead take the path of promoting renewable energy and conservation like making solar-powered street lights that is already adopted in some parts of the Region.

Lastly, Akbayan de Zamboanga is shocked beyond belief that a natural monopoly like ZAMCELCO, without a competitor and a sole energy provider to a city of almost a million is in the red. Go figure. (Media statement)

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