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With Christ is an endless hope


Our more pensive mood is reflected everywhere. These are unprecedented times, and confusion and perplexity are the order of the day. It's even worse for some, as fear and anxiety have taken over their lives.

However, in the midst of uncertainty, it's been encouraging to hear frequent references to hope. Hope for ultimate victory over terrorism. Hope for a stabilized stock market and strengthened economy. Hope that we will be able to return to some sense of normalcy in this country.

Yes, there's a lot of talk about hope, but much of it is focused on what people are hoping for. We are hoping for a greater sense of security. We are hoping for economic prosperity. We are hoping for a way of life that will ensure good things for our children. But surely we don't want to be so short-sighted as to overlook the bigger picture.

As Believers our hope is in Him, the living Christ, who will someday split the heavens and return for His church. Our hope is in the ONE who created the world, who holds it all together, and who one day will receive the worship of all mankind. “In that day … every knee will bow … and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Phil. 2:10-11, NLT)

Like everyone else, we're hoping for eternity. We're hoping for salvation. We're hoping for heaven. But we're not hoping in hope, we're hoping in Christ. As incredible as it may seem, we know the ONE in charge. He is our friend. He holds our hands. He is preparing a place for us where we will be with Him forever.

Francis Schaeffer said, “As Christians we are not only to know the right worldview that tells us the truth, but consciously act upon that worldview so as to influence society.” It is the story of Jesus and His sacrifice for sin that our neighbors, friends and the whole world need to know. People are searching for a hope like this. What a tragedy if we keep the story to ourselves.

At this special moment in time, God has place before us an opportunity to share a hope that will never fade away.

Without Christ is a hopeless end; without Christ is an endless hope.


Note: This column is a ministry. Its concept and prayer of this humble servant is that the readers shall be one to conform that the Bible is the only viable option we have to establish a right relationship with God through His only Son Jesus Christ.

Its primary purpose is to share the Word of God and to form articles from the substance of products of various Christian authors including pulpit messages for the moral and spiritual growth of Christians and all its readers in general.

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