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A military solution?


What to do with separatists elements who publicly declared they will refuse to abide by any agreement forged between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the government?  This is a predicament which confronts the two panels negotiating for peace and is emerging to be a major stumbling block in the talks.

Ameril Umbra Kato has become a pain in the neck not only of the government peacekeeping force but also of the MILF itself. The notorious MILF commander has pillage Christian communities and while he spared Filipino Muslims he and his renegade combatants have displaced thousands of peace-loving Muslims and Lumads who have nothing to do or want to have a part of his murderous adventurism.

Kato knew he is wanted by the long arms of the law for the crime he committed outside of rebellion. He surrounds himself with equally lawless marauders who refuse to be bound by a strand of discipline or rules of engagement. It will be a folly for either the government or the MILF to expect sanity from a man who cannot live in peace and thinks that life depends on whose finger is on the trigger of the gun.

What aggravates the dilemma on Kato is his penchant to recruit renegade and notorious elements who, like him, are being wanted for various crimes against humanity. The hunted private armies of the Ampatuans have found an ally in him and he gets this sense of invulnerability being surrounded by these attack dogs. Of course it should not belabor the mind to think that terrorist elements have found sanctuary in Kato’s territory.

There are solutions to every pressing problem. The conflict between the separatist fronts are settled in negotiating table. The Moro National Liberation Front signed a peace accord with the government and not a few of them who had entrepreneurial spirit found contentment in the opportunities that were made available to them. The MILF has opted to negotiate for peace and even as they talk with the government, foreign governments had confirmed commitments to underwrite rehabilitation and development projects for the Bangsamoro people.

As for the few who rejects any overture for peace, the government and the MILF may jointly opt for other solutions to excise a pestering problem.

By Menardo Wenceslao

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