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Non-Muslim Sabahans spearhead Sabah independence


In a press release circulated thru the internet reveals that the United Pasok Momogun Kadasan Dusun-Murut Organization (UPKO), an opposition political party in Sabah, Malaysia, and with the support of the Sabah Chinese politicians will soon demand for a referendum regarding Sabah’s participation in the federation of Malaysia. They claim that a United Nations (U.N.) referendum should be undertaken based on the Security Council resolutions. The run-up U.N. referendum will expose the complicity of the National Registration Department (NRO) in Putrajaya and for the federal government to undo, as promised, their Mykad mischief in Sabah before the next general election. These Non-Muslim politicians further claim that the Federation of Malaysia may have ceased to exist in 1965 with the departure of Singapore from the federation. This underlines the fact that the federal government has been in non-compliance on the 1963 Malaysia Agreement as allegedly observed by them.

In short, the opposition party claim that Sabah State became independent of Malaysia at the time of Singapore’s exit, but allegedly was retained illegally in the Malaysia Federation now masquerading as Malaysia. They claim that the definition of “federation” in the Federal Constitution is based in the 1957 definition and not that of 1963. They are also claiming that the U.N. run-up referendum will expose the federal government in scams against racism, genocide, xenophobia, ethnic cleansing.

According to the opposition party, Independence would be the best option for Sabah. The next option they wish to happen would be an autonomous part of the Philippines, since the Republic of the Philippines is a rapid developing country with its enormous potentials. They said that there is much in common between the native majority in Sabah and the majority of the people in the Philippines which is nearer to Sabah than that of Malaysia. The Malaysia Agreement provided that Sabah would have no official religion which would be honored in the Philippine Republic. And above all, they believe that a native Christian in Sabah will never become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. But a Sabahan can become President of the Philippines if Sabah State is part of the Philippine Republic. They also claim that Malaysia has clearly failed to develop Sabah after 47 years as member of the Federal government of Malaysia.

UPKO Deputy President Wilfred Mojilip Bumburing fears also that Muslim Filipinos in Sabah are growing in their numbers, and will soon demand for a referendum on the Sabah State’s participation in the Federation of Malaysia.

Actually, the fear of Bumburing is only a propagranda in their efforts to exclude Muslim natives in Sabah to participate in the forthcoming general election to assure their victory. These Muslim natives which they are calling Filipinos are having better rights as citizens of Sabah than those Chinese politicians who are behind the deportation of these natives to the Philippines, which is actually an act of violation of their human rights.

Who are the original native inhabitants of North Borneo or Sabah? We will know it with  my next write-up.

By Datu Albi Ahmad Julkarnain        

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