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Is the Good Shepherd Your Lord?


Christ was focused on sacrificing Himself for the eternal benefit of His people, the sheep. He not only knew each member of His flock, but they also knew Him. Out of obedience to the Father, the Son offered His life to atone for the sheep.

In ancient times, a sheep pen often held several flocks. The twelve, along with other Jewish disciples made up Jesus’ immediate sheepfold; but, in anticipation of the worldwide proclamation of the Gospel, Jesus would bring “other sheep” (John 10:16) – specially Gentiles (see 17:20; Rom. 1:16) – to a saving knowledge of Him.

But in a world full of material pleasures and innumerable pains, it is easy to forget that we have a shepherd who calls to us to follow Him to “High Places.” Too many loud sounds and too many beckoning voices compete with His words that speak to both our hearts and minds.

What must we do? First, we must step back from our engagement with the world.  Then, we must fall on our knees and listen only to our Lord. Finally, we must follow His lead. And we cannot do this once a year or occasionally and hope to find ourselves someday at those High Places with Him.

More than just a daily routine, our following Him should be an act that is a constant and integral part of our lives. And when it does become so, not only will it become a natural thing to do, but also we will recognize His voice more easily each time He speaks to us.

Jesus declared Himself to be the good shepherd who alone willingly laid down His life for the sheep. The presence of sin in human beings was the reason why Jesus had to do this. Our shepherd loves us and want to take us to High Places, but He won’t drag us there. And we can’t get there just because we wish to be there.

God declared Jesus as His own dear Son, with whom He is pleased and he commanded: listen to him! (Matt. 17:5) We must listen to Jesus, trust Him, and must obey His directions.

David declared, “The Lord is my shepherd: (Psalm 23). Jesus is the good shepherd; and He said, “apart from me you are nothing” (John 15:5) Is the good shepherd you Lord?


By Bro Paeng Santos

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