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Potion that kills


Those improvised explosive devises that have killed and maimed hundreds of innocent civilians have all the signatures of the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist mad bombers. As we see this grotesque carnage happen we too realize the stark reality that these insane extremist operatives do not distinguish whether their targets are children, women or men, Christian or Muslims.

In the recent bombings, the terrorists targeted the plush hotels not because there are foreigners there but because hitting those establishments would elicit attention and to declare that they are very much around not only to hound the “infidels” but kill whoever are within harm’s way. The greater the number of the dead the better, the louder the cries of the wounded the sweeter the music to their ears.

It is not much of a surprise that the pattern of how the terror band execute their plans do not deviate from their plot. And yet, is it not ironic that such a plot and plotters can seek shelter from the Muslim communities when many of their victims are they themselves.

Indonesia is the largest Muslim community in the world but they are not spared. We have our own several townships  of Muslims but they too suffer the madness of the terrorists.

There is nothing that can be achieved in terrorism and those who cuddle the perpetrators reaped nothing from these madness but grief.  Terrorism has no place in a civilized world but their goals and their means to achieve them run diametrically oppose to the norms to a sane society, religious belief of whatever kind and human nature.

These warped minded extremists ought to be deprived of shelter. They ought to be flushed out from the territories held by the secessionist fronts and be confronted militarily.  For we cannot cajole them to surrender with a promise of amnesty and expect them to turn into a new leaf overnight. Their brains and hearts are too infested with the passion and potion to kill they have lost the capacity to reform.

By Menardo Wenceslao


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