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Rainbow’s end in Dapitan


Hola Zamboanga!

Ketal ustedes alli, this is Mercy reaching out to my family, relatives and friends in Zamboanga City from Dapitan, the Rainbows end of a dream, Bonito aqui, limpio y pacifico la playa del Sunset Boulevard donde yo ara ta keda hunto con mi familia.

A dreamlike atmosphere pervades with splashes of colors as the sun sinks beneath the horizon. As the day ends and vespers deepen, the Kamayan fastfoods along the boulevard puts on the light, the pathway to Gloria beckons.

It’s the good life.

A Women’s Congress was held recently, as the city is getting ready for a National event Palaro 2011, the local Olympics event of the country. Facilities are now on its finishing touches with the unstinted support of former Congressman Nonong Jalosjos and the City Government of Dapitan. In fact, it had become a common and collective concern of the people of the City.

*Una Invitacion

Both athletes and visitors can enjoy a stroll on the well lighted boulevard where salubrious breez caress your faces. Enjoy a glorious experience at GLORIA, forget mundane cares of life at the white sand beach of DAKAK, and pass the night in a cool cabana lulled to sleep by the singing waves of the sea and the amenities of comfortability there is available.

For the gourmet and seafood enthusiasts, the emerald island of Aliguay beckons – come on over and enjoy meals fit for a king at the Taclobo restaurant.

And before you wind up your visit to the tourism capital of Mindanao, stop and look back to history at the Rizal Park. Here you can have a walk back in time and enrich your life with the National Hero’s love of country.

Bievenida a Dapitan!

More icons of the good life in the next issues.

By Hon. Mercy A. Fernandez
City Councilor of Dapitan

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