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There had been many hooplas and booboos lately on the proposed creation of the 3rd Congressional Legislative District for Zamboanga City. Be it in the News, Academic Discussions among Academicians, Politicians banging each other and even the utilization of the Social Network Site, the Facebook.

It was evident that more and more Zamboangueños are sharing their thoughts and sides of this issue. I was dumb founded by the number of people commenting but very much disappointed with the way our local officials are reacting to this issue even to a point of passing a resolution of not supporting the said move.

For everyone’s information, let me point out some of the legal aspects and benefits of why we are very much entitled to have an additional district. I collated some inputs that I got from the discussions made via a group site of the Facebook.

In our 1987 Philippine Constitution, it clearly states that a City or Province with 250,000 residents or more can have a Legislative District. As this was also based on the Democratic Doctrine of EQUAL REPRESENTATION, the more residents you have the more voice in governance you are given.

The 2006 Census was made in the city which shows that we have already about 778,000 residents; Thus, qualifying us for our Third District.

In our Congressional setup, the constitution provides a total of 250 elected Representatives, and as of the moment, we have around 240 congressional districts represented with 5 other pending Bills filed last 2010 for the creation of additional Districts in other parts of the country which are already in the Senate for approval. Having said so, this means that we might be in default should there be other Bills filed for the same and reaching the 250 maximum limit set forth in our Constitution if we decides to file for one, unless otherwise that that provision be amended.

To note that there had been another Census made throughout the country last 2010 wherein expected results will be out sometime this August of this year.

Among evident benefits that one could get out of the creation of such are:

1.    It will give us an additional  voice in the Congress and more vanguards of the people as this will also add additional eight (8) councilors , 1 ABC President and 1 SK Chairman. As I believe that more heads are better than one and that we will have more people and more voice to air the people’s sentiments.

2.    An additional 70 Million Pesos be allotted to the city since each Congressional districts are allotted same amount for the development of their congressional districts. More funds therefore more improvements.

The bill was initially filed by District 1 Congresswoman Ma. Isabelle "BENG" Climaco-Salazar in 2008 but was killed in technicality as it was not concurred by District 2 Congressman Erico Basilio "ERBIE" Fabian. So there is a need to re-file the same in the 15th Congress.

Our politicians should not think of personal growth but instead, think of  what they can help for the betterment of the City and its people. I don’t understand why our local politicians have to go against it.

The withdrawal of support from our Barangay leaders are uncalled for since this would be benefitted by their own constituents.

One great note to mention at this point is that both our Districts representatives are very much vigilant to this call as Cong. Fabian is now open to consultation of this move.

We ought to hear from our politicians especially to our beloved Mayor, Celso Lorenzo Lobregat as to why they oppose to such move? Is it because of political security that they are afraid that when their term ends they might not be able to get re-elected? Or, is there someone dictating them on on what to do? Just a question though.  (RAN)

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