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We have just celebrated the Labor Day and there had been a lot of applicants who stormed the Western Mindanao State University Gymnasium where the Celebration had been conducted with Jobs Fair as its highlight. This clearly shows that the unemployment rate of the city is surging high and that we need more employment opportunities.

The Department of Labor and Employment of the Zamboanga Peninsula made a formidable job with this year’s celebration as this was participated by 49 local companies and 26 overseas recruitment agencies with its approximate vacancies of 20,000. The question here is whether the applicants who are applying would qualify to these positions.

As a former HR Head of Mega Fishing Corporation, I was able to note some deficiencies with these applicants among those are:

Poor Comprehensive Skills- They may have obtained their Bachelors degree but to my disappointment, they fail to comprehend questions asked to them.

Poor Communication Skills- If you converse with them, as if you are talking to a non-English speaking individual. Evident with their low proficiency in the English Language are their Grammar and Tenses issues.

No Related Technical Skills- This is for technical positions where they fail simple exam on their skills that they claim to posses. E.g.: An Automotive Electrician applicant applying for the said position would not understand as simple as simple electric relays and the likes.

Companies do have vacancies but the problem is the lack of qualified applicants applying. Thus, I am calling our Educational Institutions to intensify further screening of these students and don’t just allow these students to pass the subject without even knowing it. The need to increase qualified Educators is also a must. We need to train them to this task of molding the future of these students.


An Inter-Security Agency Bowling Tournament sponsored by FESAGS-Western Mindanao (Firearms and Explosives, Security Agency and Guards Section) and PADPAO Zamboanga underwent last Saturday, April 30, 2011.

This is the 3rd stage of the tourney participated by Security Agencies in the Region. As the event took place at Tebi and Sean Recreational Center.

I happen to be playing for RD Security Agency owned and managed by Mr. Roderick A. Diolata, as we defend our Crown this year. This will be played until the end of May until the Top 8 teams will advance to the up the ladder round and the Championship Round.

According to Mr. Jessie Ortega, tournament Manager: “Top 20 Men and Top 10 Women  based on their congregate average will compete for a slot to be the official team of PADPAO in any of Zamboangas Bowling Tourneys”.

Let me congratulate our Securities for joining this event as this will surely foster Camaraderie and Friendship among the players. Good to note that the team members are the owners, employees and Family Members of these security Agencies. Indeed a time worth spending.

Kudos to PADPAO and FESAGS for this initiative.

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By Ronnie Natividad

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