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Quo Vadis Honorables?, Which God do you serve now?


Our leaders in government are persons-in-authority and ordained by God and the fear or reverence of the Lord requires them to act in obedience to what He says. All must begin to acknowledge who He is and take seriously what He says, and must be obedient to Him. God has given them the authority and power to lead and serve, but like the popular commercial says it, they have a better idea. They have decided to look after their own affairs first.

As generally observed, this is how they operate their time. They work out their budget, look at their time commitments and decide to prioritize their hidden agenda for self interest and plan for a strategy for their ROI. They fail to put first things first. They don’t get their priorities sorted out as commanded by the Lord to – “Seek first the Kingdom (Rulership) of God and His righteousness and all other things will be added as well” as stated in Matthew 6:33.

I am not saying they don’t have God in their lives, but He is somewhat puny (inferior in size or strength) in their sight. He rates below political pressure and fear and concerns about poverty.  God is not a Lord who transcends these things. For them: The Lord is great as long as they do not have any people fears. The Lord is mighty as long as they do not have political pressure. The Lord is super as long as they are not poor. Should any of those come in, He is not a Lord greater than the objects of their fear and causes of concern.

Biblically, Romans 13:1 tells us that State Authorities are ordained by God. And Proverbs 1:7 tells us the “fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Fear means deep sense of reverence for Him and continuous state of holy awe before Him. If we learn to fear God in the right way, there is nothing else to fear.

There are times that the authorities are engulfed by their concerns, so overwhelmed by their anxieties, that they are literally paralyzed by their fears. They have overlooked something. The Lord almighty is still the Lord. To acknowledge this is the first step in the fear of the Lord. If we revere God, we will know that He is greater than our circumstances and greater than our problems.

To the “honorables” especially in the legislative branch of government, respectfully, please be reminded that after having been elected, soon after, together with you family and friends, you took an Oath before the public and you swore to perform your duties and responsibilities with the best of your knowledge and ability to serve and honor God and the people you represent. Further, you invoke divine providence and you solemnly prayed… so help me God.

The Question: Which God now do you serve and honor? Is it the great heavenly God who can fill our hearts with joy, content and accompanied with peace? Or is it the small gods of Malacañang, City Hall or Capitol Building who can offer you material goods, happiness and accompanied by chaos?

Why are this questions practically directed to you dear honorables? Because only Kangaroos, I mean Congress and Sangapalusud, I mean The City Council, where the “Session Hall” are oftentimes transformed into a Railroad Station by the tyranny of numbers. Well, as they say, in politics, in the discussions and debates in search of the truth, you’ll find out that truth is always the majority's will.

And the vice mayor said, that’s the beauty and horror of democracy.

But seriously… Quo Vadis honorable? Which God do you serve?

James 4:17
So then, if we do not do the good we know we should do, we are guilty of sin.

By Bro. Paeng Santos

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