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Government leaders are to be fearless and peerless


Some of our leaders today, feels somehow surrounded by enemies perhaps even  more powerful than them and don’t seem to know how to handle the situation. As a result, they took more notice of their enemies than they did of their all-powerful Lord. They have to learn to fear the Lord rather than people. They are to fear God rather than political pressure.

The fear of the Lord means involvement in what He does. Christian leaders in government should always demonstrate to obey the Lord. Remember your authority is ordained by God. You are called to be different, to do what nobody else is prepared to do. If you are going to demonstrate the fear of the Lord, you are going to submit yourselves to what He requires.

You must take decision to trust and obey and to involve in activities that delights the Lord. Jeremiah 9:23-24, this is what the Lord says: “Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom or the strong man boast of his strength or the rich man boast of his riches, but let them who boast boasts about this,: that he understand and knows me, that I am the Lord, who exercise kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for this I delight.”

Do not lose sight of the privilege of being God’s ordained authority. Take a good look at your lifestyle. Consider your priorities. If you take a good look at what you are doing, what will you discover? Do you have the sense of awe in His presence? Or do you look at things that are of most interest to you.

On the above questions, quite frankly, most people suspect they fall under one category – self-improvement. “I’ve got to be me!” I must be fulfilled. Obviously, self-satisfaction and self-gratification are the primary concerns. When you become God-centered you are concerned about who He is and what He says rather than indulge in selfish interest.

The leaders of this nation (The Executives) need to trust God first and foremost. He is the only one who is trustworthy in His promises. Take God seriously: By acknowledging Him of who He is – By obeying to what He says – By involving in what He does for the poor. Why? Because, God is God.

God is committed to completing what He began when He ordained your authority through the voice of the people. He is committed to caring to those who honor, trust and obey Him. You can rest assured and secured through submission to His will; and you become fearless and peerless.


Note: A staff member of Zamboanga Today asked me if I believe that our present Mayor Celso L. Lobregat as a leader can be described as I have titled this article; and I responded: Where were you during the last three election years – 2004-2007, and 2010?”

Where were you during the MOA-AD controversy where majority of the people of the City of Zamboanga followed the Mayor wearing red T-shirts symbolizing courage and honor in protesting against the MILF demand and protecting the integrity and sovereignty of Zamboanga Hermosa? This is history, I told him…and then I asked, “do you understand, do you see a clear picture if the title of this article fits him?

The questioner answered in chavacano in this manner: El cosa lang yo believe con Mayor cay si durante election ta puede le manda o ase gana candidato maskin bulag, bungul y apa. Estos amo el ta queda el maga “golden councilors” durante el session del maga consejales. Ya pregunta yo porque man golden councilors? Ya contesta le – “nuay ba tu sabe cay tiene cuantos palabras de ingles que ta abla Silence is Gold?

Na esos maga miembro del consejo local, que presente durante el session, que nuay cosa ta abla-mas mucho ta hui-hui lang - na golden councilors sila. Hinde ba tupao con el cuantos palabras de ingles que ta abla – silence is gold! And this made me laugh. Then I said to myself, if such is the case, so on to victory. Adelante Zamboanga!

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