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Filipinos have two reasons to celebrate this day. First is the day of the most important person in our life: Our Mothers. Second is the history to be unfolded with another very important figure for Filipinos: The fight of our Boxing Hero Manny Pacquiao against Shane Mosley which by this time that you are reading this column is on its way.

The very person whose Patience and Love made us who we are today is celebrating her day today. The world is honouring the Mothers for their untiring love and understanding that they have shown to us despite and inspite of what we are.

Mother’s day may not be well celebrated compred to New Years Eve or even the Fiestas that we have. However, what is important in this event is that we take time to appreciate the importance of our dear Mothers. A simple kiss and greetings will spell out the difference. Should you have the luxury to spend for a cake and flowers, then why not do it for it will for sure bring joyful tears to the eyes of our Mothers.

I remember when I was young; I never fail to miss a year of this celebration making a simple present out of what I can think of. From a painted card to a cut out cardboard along with a piece of flower that I cut from our backyard garden whom my mother is maintaining then; all these are the fondest memories that I could recall with my mom saying a very sweet thank you to me and my sisters.

Making it a point that this tradition to continue, even when I was miles away from the City, I would then call them and ask my sisters to do the usual stuff that we do just to make her feel happy.

Well, each one of us has our own way of showing importance to our mothers. What is needed here is atleast we show them the appreciation of the many years that she has taken cared of us.

To all the mothers in the world, Happy Mothers day!

The day would definitely be well celebrated should our hero boxer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao would rain supreme over Sugar Shane Mosley.  I have already stated in my previous column that Many is very much to an advance be it in terms of the odds and or simply by popularity. But never to be complacent since Mosley is no ordinary fighter. Let’s just hope that Manny will continue to bring Pride and Joy to Filipinos as he is one great hero to all of us.

This day will definitely be well remembered in the years to come as we are to celebrate the victory of life through our Mothers and the victory of Manny in the boxing ring.
Our Mothers and Manny, Congratulations and Goodluck!

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