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We are all in high spirit as our very own Manny Pacquiao overpowered Sugar Shane Mosley in their WBO Welterweight Boxing Championship yesterday at the MGM Grand Arena.

Manny proved why he is the Pound for Pound King and the most feared fighter in this decade with his unanimous decision win of 119-108,120-108 and 120-108 from three judges over the once hailed a decade ago Pound for Pound King- Mosley.

The fight was dominated mostly by Pacquiao from Round 1 till the end of the fight which was decided for him. He knocked down Mosley in the 3rd round. The crowed was delighted by his connection. Most of the crowed are obviously for the Filipino legislator. However, on the 10th round, Mosley scored with a referee decision to count a knock down against Pacquiao despite of its obvious slip.

There is no doubt that Manny is the best in his generation and he had proven himself again and again as to why he is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be with his 8 division titles.

Coinciding with the Mothers Day Celebration, Dionisia Pacquiao, mother of Manny was interviewed and quoted asking her son to raise his gloves already since he has proven his supremacy and that for her heart is aching every time he receives a punch from an opponent.

The question now is if he would listen to his mothers call or should he go for the only man standing to fight who keeps on blabbing and claiming he is the best yet afraid to face Manny which is Floyd Mayweather who is undefeated.

Whatever is the decision of Manny, We support him the way. He is a hero for us Filipinos.


The new airport which is slated to be built and implemented in Talabaan Barangay in this city is a welcome improvement for the Zamboanguenos.

This will give way to a more progressive Zamboanga as it will open to a expansion of the economic development as it opens the door of high rise buildings and structures.

Hopefully, this will also improve our Airport Services to an International Standard.

As per Coun. Gerky Valesco, “ A Makati like setting can rise up in the present location where the airport is situated. Over the years, not much of the high structures can be put up because of the air path for planes and choppers”.

Investors will now have no reason why to invest in Zamboanga. This is also a compliment to the Integrated Bus Terminal project the City Mayor is proposing along with the circumferential road plan of Cong. Erbie Fabian.

Last night, I have been a witness to the tying of knot by friends. My wife and I were invited to the wedding of Charm Tamba and Leo Dalguntas at the Marcian Garden Hotel.

The celebration was a night of Joy and Fun as it was uniquely celebrated with the spirit of Enjoyment.

To the newly wed couple, Congratulations and Best Wishes.

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