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PPA comfort rooms off-limit to outsiders


At the entry passage of the local PPA administration building, any office visitor will surely see with his two naked eyes the notice posted at the glass door to read as follows and to quote: “Effectively immediately the comfort rooms of the administration building are off-limit to outsiders.” unquote.

In the span of 34 years since the time Philippine Ports Authority took over the management of the government port, this is the first time a notice has been posted prohibiting outsiders from using the building comfort rooms. By the way, let’s find out who are the outsiders. They are the non-PPA employees to include visitors, callers, persons transacting official business in the office including members of the media and PPA clienteles.

The comfort rooms at the PPA administration building were designed in such a way that they are made available and accessible to visitors and PPA clienteles. PPA management has shifted to change of its policies disregarding the virtues and quality traits of hospitality, courtesy and friendliness.

Whoever thought of this idea may have forgotten the constitutional credo that public office is a public trust. And the construction of buildings and other infrastructure were funded from people’s money in the form of taxes.

The port manager in a short interview in his office justified the policy and rule on the prohibition pointing out that comfort rooms for public use are made available some fifty meters away from the main building. But these comfort rooms are  padlocked and users are charged P5.00 sans couple ticket.

What is a person so in a hurry to answer the call of nature while inside the office building on official business transaction, will the policy be applicable to such kind of scenario? What a stingy and selfish act to have comfort rooms off-limit to outsiders. The policy must not be absolute, there must be an exception.

Perhaps, PPA-Zamboanga is the only government office in this city that adopts such policy. A very ugly policy designed to portray the image of PPPA from bad to worse. In the eyes of its several clienteles, PPA-Zamboanga has a bad image. There is a need to address this issue on bad image of the port.

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