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Are taxpayers nursing a useless government?


With the pervasive and structural fiscal anomalies at all levels and branches of our political system, there is now a rapidly growing realization that for the longest time the honest taxpayers have been sustaining a useless government.

In fact when I wrote two articles: (1) Revolt of the Taxpayers (2) Fiscal Coup: Last Moral Recourse, a big number of readers received them enthusiastically and agreeably which unmistakably supported my advocacy that if graft and corruption will remain systemic, widespread, and unchecked in our country, the last moral recourse to take is for the taxpayers to completely stop their fiscal support to the government which I term as Fiscal Coup. Of course, this Fiscal Coup will only be set into motion if the precipitating and triggering justifications and conditions I enumerated in my previous article, will persistently manifest.

Indisputably, if all forms of fiscal crimes and irregularities are flagrantly and massively committed by our government officials to enrich and perpetuate themselves in public power such as: Colluding with constructors to get the amount of “tongpats” they demand, rigging the bidding process so that the winners will come across with the blood money they ask, undertaking public works by administration so they could jack up the prices of construction materials in conspiracy with suppliers, using taxpayers monies to construct giant billboard, print tarpaulin posters and streamers, and all kinds of promo materials containing their names and pictures, and using taxpayers’ wealth for unnecessary travels and extravagant allowances, etc… then it is morally valid, right, and justified to expect this kind of fiscal phenomenon.

It will be a horribly dehumanizing insult to the collective sanity and intelligence of the law-abiding and honest taxpayers if they still allow themselves to be used as the common” MILKING  COW” of insatiably rapacious  public officials and a demonstrably useless and corrupt national public dispensation.

By Clem M. Bascar

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