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In my column last May 6, 2011, I featured that the supposed resolution to the problem for the Sports Wushu is having Mr. Aniceto Sarmiento and yours truly along with the office of the City Sports Development Officer, Mr. Bernardito Patiño intervening.

To my disappointment, the leader of the faction group, Mr. Ramir Gallemit along with his wife turned the table as they discarded the previous agreement made between them and Mr. Oscar Cabig.

Let me cut an excerpt from my column that day when I featured the resolution “It was resolved that the two parties will get to have equal share of players and that both will have an equal putting during the P-Noy National Games which will be held at St. Lassalle, Bacolod City.”

The arrogance and unprofessionalism shown by the Gallemit couple is uncalled for since they broke the agreement made previously as they wanted to dictate who to bring in the upcoming National Games even as it was previously agreed that no intervention shall be made by both parties as there will be an equal putting.

Four days ago, I learned about the recent disagreement between the two parties and later decided to cancel the participation of Team Zamboanga to the sporting event. Mr. Sarmiento and I then immediately intervened once more by requesting the interference of the National Federation of Wushu under the leadership of Mr. Julian Camacho to issue an acknowledgement of the issue and who’s group is legally recognized. An authorization and acknowledgement letter was issued by Mr. Camacho dated 5/11/11 with the appointment of Mr. Aniceto Sarmiento as the rightful leader and the overall chairman of the sports for Zamboanga City.

This morning as I visited the office of the City Sports Development, I learned that they refuse to acknowledge the said document for this upcoming sporting event as they will continue to make a stand on the non participation of wushu to the National Tournament unless Mr. Gallemit and Mr. Cabig will withdraw and sign a letter stating that they are in compromise and that both will be the signatories for whatever documents will be submitted to the office as per Mr. Norman West, who happens to be the OIC when the time that both parties visited the office four days ago and when that incident happened.

It seems that Mr. West and Mr. Patiño is playing safe right now and their action is causing more problems to the athletes. They should have taught of the welfare of these athletes and not of these leaders who tries to claim ownership of the sport. Mr. Gallemit is after the budget obviously despite the fact that he does not have regular players to begin with. He didn’t even respected the previous agreement that group entered into regarding the equal number of players.

How much are you expected to get out of bringing unqualified players? How much of the budget will be going to your pocket? If you really believe in the development of the sport then you should be willing to submit yourself to a compromise. You would not even want to submit your players into a selection process to determine the qualified delegate to represent Zamboanga.  

For Mr. West and Mr. Patiño, have the balls to decide on this especially that you have to think of the best it could do to the sport. Why would you not acknowledge the paper Mr. Sarmiento is submitting to your office? Eventually, this is not for the officials you should be thinking of but to the players. How would you feel if you are in the shoes of these players that they have practiced to death just to qualify and now be able to play against the best of the best in the Country and will have the chance to be a National Player since this is also a National Selection? You must also know that I have 7 youth players who will be taking part here were mostly are out of school youths whom we were able to get them to this sports. What do you think they would feel if this will not go through? What will be the impact of this to kids? Will they still love the sport or would they just end up with vices. C’mmon, you should think of these kids before you decide.

I am calling our City Officials to please look into this matter. This is a serious matter and an immediate attention is called for since the event will start on May 23, 2011.

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