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Do we still have a government?


At our level of enlightenment and civilization, we ought not to be worried about our security and safety. We have already invented the most advanced and sophisticated software and hardware for gathering, analyzing, and interpreting intelligence data.  In addition, we now have more than enough trained personnel and animals to detect the presence of criminal syndicates, all kinds of explosives and how to detonate them without harming anyone in the process. Above all, we have the most qualified, popular, competent, and decorated political leaders in history. These are rare heavenly gifts that other local government units might not be blest with.

Tragically, however, instead of minimizing the threats and risks to our safety and security, the possibility of bombs exploding in the most unlikely places and at the most unexpected times, and getting cold-bloodedly murdered in broad daylight and at night without the slightest cover of darkness, have become unprecedented. I don’t know whether it’s just pure coincidence that it was only after Zamboanga City was branded Latin City that criminality in record time became uncontrollable and unparalleled as if we don’t have any government at all. Killing here and killing there appears to be the order of the day. What are our top politicians doing to protect the lives of their constituencies from all kinds of criminals? Just waiting for their salaries, allowances and pork barrel allocations? Don’t they realize that their greatest responsibility as highest paid employees of the city is to ensure the safety and security of their employers- the taxpayers?  The best service you can give to the general public is peace and order.

True, we can’t entirely blame our police institution and intelligence networks for their failures and shortcomings. Admittedly, the matter of security is not only the responsibility of the police, military, and intelligence agencies. However, the ones who have been employed and mandated to provide security and safety for every law-abiding and peace-loving citizen must always take the center stage and put their lives on the line every minute of their official time with or without the help or coordination of civilians. The taxpayers are paying in full for all these services which unfortunately have been found to be wanting. Our top political leaders should always be held responsible and accountable for the deterioration of the peace and order situation in their areas of administration or representation. YOU SHOULD NOT ONLY THINK OF COLLECTING, RAISING, AND SPENDING TAXES. Try also to give justice to the taxes that are appropriated for your salaries, allowances, and other perks. Where will you get the funds to sustain your salaries if the taxpayers have already been annihilated by the criminals? Don’t you realize that you cannot exist without the taxpayers?

The killers and other criminals are always on the alert. They seldom sleep or take a nap that’s why they are able to escape and elude the authorities. They appear to be more intelligent and clever than many of us. And the most outstandingly effective modus operandi of any criminal mind is to strike when the police and other security forces are either celebrating or sleeping on their posts.

As the screaming headlines of our local dailies publicly bear out, it appears that killing has become the most deadly occurrence in Latin City. With these seemingly never-ending killings committed with impunity and paralyzing frequency…one is tempted to accept the distinction that Latin City is now the safest “killing field “on Earth. Do we still have a government? Of, course, of course, we definitely and outstandingly have…principally to collect taxes that get higher and higher as years go by.

By Clem M. Bascar

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