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The Sulu Royalties are stakeholders of Sulu Sultanate


The Philippine Government peace panel seem not to possess a clear idea as to what territories are valid for secessionist movement to seek political liberation from the Philippine. Both the GRP panel and the Secessionist group should determine in very definite manner the territories that are to be considered in the their peace talk negotiation.

As far as the Sulu Sultanate is concerned there was nobody authorized to represent the Sultanate in any peace talk negotiation according to Raja Muda (Crown Prince) Datu Tiruna Kiram, Al haj., who is a member of the Ruma Bechara of the interim government of Sulu Sultanate Darul Islam. He was accompanied by his lawyer, Atty. Meltino J. Sibulan when he went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for negotiation on Sabah issue.

Sulu Sultanate has the historical, political, and ancestral domain. Only the monarchial royalties of the realm have the rights to represent the citizens or the Bangsa Sug people of Sulu archipelago in any forum of peace negotiation. The leadership of Sulu Sultante is based on the Islamic ideology, hierarchy and authority which formed parts of their traditional Islamic culture and socio-economic life, and custom practices in communities of Sulu archipelago. In other words, only Sulu royalties like the Sultan duly proclaimed by the Council of royal Datus and members of the Ruma Bechara have the authority to represent the Sultanate of Sulu, not just any non-royal persons or commoners.

History accounts that Sulu Sultanate State was not conquered nor colonized completely by the Spaniards, and it was not the territorial possession of the Spanish Crown. Such historial fact is confirmed by internationally recognized and respected authorities. Sulu Sultanate was not legally ceded to the United States by Spain in the December 10, 1898 Treaty of Paris under the principles of free consent, good faith, and Pact Sunt Servanda stipulated in the Customary International Law of Treaties.

The reigning Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram and Raja Laut (Navy Admiral) Datu Julkarnain Abirin together with other royal Datus of the Ruma Bechara were not informed and participated during the negotiations leading to the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1898.

The peace and order problems in Sulu archipelago we have today started to the unsuccessful wars of pacification under the Spanish and American colonial regimes. The Philippine Republic rode on the inertia of these colonial expeditions and hold its implementation up to the present, in gross violation of the basic principles of the United Nations Charter. It completely ignored the sovereign rights of Sulu Sultanate Islamic State. The de facto government of the Philippines in Sulu Sultanate territory should be withdrawn in pursuant to the decolonization resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, according to Atty. Meltino J. Sibulan, the Legal Counsel of Sulu Sultanate.

By Datu Albi Ahmad Julkarnain

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