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Coming in terms with reality (Part One)


Every once in a while, children come with unbelievable “crazy” comments about life. When they do, we laugh, - and we should, because they are so innocent. That’s an acceptable “madness”, it’s simply childlike innocence. But that’s  not what King Solomon had in mind here. In his journal ( Eccles. 9:3)  we read; evil and insanity resides in the human heart. He’s talking about the insane actions and answers we adult come up with – which nobody laugh!

They are the answer we hear today in response to hard questions, like: “why did you walk away from your family?” Or, “ How can you continue to live like that, knowing that its wrong and that Scripture stands against such things?” Solomon is talking about the action of those who attempt to keep the maddening pace of a workaholic world.  It’s insane.

We’ve heard about the doctrines of moral corruption and extreme wickedness all our lives, but not much about the doctrine of insanity, right? Honestly, have you ever seen this in scripture before? Read it again. Eccles. 9:3 tells us that lurking in the human heart is a permanent mixture of evil and insanity. It’s enough to make shivers run up one’s spine.

Old testament scholar Walter Kaiser renders insanity “every conceivable madness.” What an awful mixture – meanness and madness! Think about our day. How else can we explain the moral insanity? The sexual insanity?  The homicidal insanity? The rationalization – the insane rationalization? The materialistic madness? The intellectual madness?; and the judicial madness of our times?

You see, within the human heart there is a private pool, a reservoir of insanity. You can drink from it. You can swim in it. You can be polluted by it. It’s your own private pool and everybody has one. How else can we explain the rebellion of our age? How else can we explain the attitudes of some of our leaders today, the confusion they create among the people and accusing each other of lying, deceiving and cheating? Do they know that lying, deceiving and cheating is the very nature of the devil?

How else can we explain the response of some top government officials and political party leaders who stares back at his counselors and supporters and say, “Look, I know it’s wrong, but forget about convincing me- I am going for it.” What better explanation can we give than this one Solomon offers: “ The hearts of the sons of men are full of evil, and insanity is in their hearts throughout their lives.”


(SOURCE: Living on the Ragged Edge- By Charles Swindoll)

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