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Should God be involved in politics?


In response to Randy David’s “God in Politics.”

Our civilization as we know it invokes and teaches the fundamentals of a God that creates the universes.

With that background; whether individuals believe or not does matter because it explains some elemental foundation of human existence.

Politics in general has basic refining to meet the exploding nuances of concepts that effect civility and social order as human pursue life of happiness and harmony.

If there is a God, its uncunning to have that God cast human species with different colors, hues, languages and broad cast in different cites on the planet earth

In the heat of human discourse, concepts and practices had been recorded to give us patterns of civilizations that had peak and gone, concepts and histories that has leave us to ponder about as we live in contemporary society.

Wars had been fought and won, it has advance to nowadays invention of weapon of mass destruction. (WMD)but its primordial use is/was for protection, offense/defense in the guise of self-preservation but in a backdrop, a means to an end to control resources, manpower, propelled by greed.

The issue then or now is the right to exist in a planet with peace and harmony. This is the question related to: Does God interfere in politics, or where Is God in the scheme of things in the 21th century?

Whether humanity believes in God or not is irrelevant to nowadays dispensation. Democracy solves nothing except to device contending theories and hypothesis to arrive at a more palatable resolve to benefit the majority and common good.

Concepts of government is as good as the leaders’ moral resolves to be treated as one like to be treated in equal fervor. (Golden rule) this precepts is the basic of human survival, expanded, the love of neighbor overcast the importance of diversity but with same importance, tolerance.

In the above concept more define in Rizal’s’ concept of equal playing field: “there are no tyrants where there are no slaves; no slaves where there are no tyrants.”

Institutionalized religions had been a nuances to human freedom, only because it controls human intellect to the possibilities out there where them refuse to thread. Social order, in such platitude tend to divide; them against me or me against them,….. in the final analysis, God in man once in a while visit its creation to speak for the truth and walk through in the last days’ contention….. within to realize God in all, for all in the Spirit.

By Mark Alegre

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