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Islam's contributions to the world, unknown to many (Part IV)


“Truth has come, and falsehood has vanished. Indeed, the false always vanishes.”
-The Holy Qur’an , 17:81

“Evolution is, therefore, a progress and not a regress, an ascent, and not descent, rivers flow out to the ocean, but no river can contain ocean.”
- Henry Bayman, THE SECRET OF ISLAM (2003:228)

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My apologies to all my readers for having missed a lot of issues of this column since Marh 2011. I have been sick since April and only recuperated this month of May 2011. Thank God for the restoration of health again.

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In our last issue of Part III I wrote of the medical contributions of Muslim doctors to the science of medicine in Europe but few knew this even now. I will continue with these revelations so that these suppressions by western fanatics which Islam had also contributed to world civilization will no longer be denied this one great religion of its place in world history just like Christianity and Judaism.

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Ask any college students if they know who is Razes, Abul Qasem of Andalusia, or even medical students, surely, they will shake their heads in disbelief. But these two names were leading medical practitioners, in the 11th century, and they were Muslims at that ! They were not terrorists! as the West would like to portray that all Muslims are terrorists. And this was one of the reasons one fanatic in America threatened to burn the Qur’an. In fact, I was told he really burned the Qur’an, but American media refused to publicize such stupidity of that idiot.

As I go further, Muslims contributions were the diagnosis of tuberculosis from the finger nails, the cure of jaundice, the use of cold water to prevent hemorrhage, crushing of stones in the bladder and kidney to facilitate removal, and surgery for hernia. The greatest Islamic surgeons was Abul Qasem of Andalusia(11th century AD), the inventor of very many surgical instruments and the author of books to describe them and their use.

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If the  Holy Prophet Muhammad once said that :”Ignorance is the mother of all evils” ! Rightly so because it could breed contempt for others, biases and prejudices are twin evils which history and told and re told of this evil – ignorance.

We will not go far, because we have in this city, we have in our midst one education official who breeds contempt for Muslims in this area. (I hope Bro. Ermin Luistro, the Secretary of Education will pluck this education official out of this city,  the earlier the better. I will tell him when the good Secretary comes to the Zamboanga City and why he should throw this division of city schools official out of Zamboanga City.

Clue: A destroyer of good Muslim-Christian relation.)

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DULY NOTED……Students seeking to get their F-138 or Report at the National High School–West could not get it unless they pay the atrocious amount and broken down as follows: PTA – Php. 300; ID Php. 45.00; P.E. Uniform Php. 400.00 and Php. 180.00 to a certain teacher by the name of Ms. Kasla(for unknown reason). This was revealed to me by the granddaughter of my laundry woman. The Superintendent of City Schools must conduct an inquiry. This had been said there will be no payment when the students enroll in a public high school. Now, why this huge amount? Madam, Superintendent, it is your turn now.


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