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What I wish P-Noy would first do



Cause the repeal of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program and the enactment of a new law that would limit the ownership of arable lands to three hectares per family or association and acquire all lands in excess of such limitation through expropriation. Then, together with arable lands owned by the government and public domains, distribute those lands to landless Filipino families all over he country, for free, but subject to the following conditions:

*The land that will be granted to each family, when available, should be situated within the town or province where such family used to live the longest time. This limitation is intended to prevent the congestion of population in preferential areas;

*Each land grantee shall cultivate the land diligently so as to produce sufficient crops (rice, corn, root crops, and vegetables, etc.) to be determined by the Department of Agriculture (DAR). If the grantee can not meet the bench mark set up by the DAR (due to laziness or some other unreasonable reasons, the land grant will be recalled from such family and then given to another family who is willing and able to produce such bench mark.

*The land grant will also be available to insurgents who are willing to surrender their weapons and pledge their allegiance to the Philippine Constitution.

It is estimated that this land distribution will benefit about 10,500,000 families or about 52,000,000 Filipinos which is more then 50 percent of the country’s current population.

In other words, the real impact of this proposition is that the Philippines can achieve food self sufficiency; will alleviate the status of more than half of the population from the lowest poor to middle class, thereby narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor; could prevent nationwide havoc, insurgency, or even civil war due to poverty, lack livelihood, and disgust against the government’s failure to do enough for their welfare. (The author is a proud native of Bongabon, Nueva Ecija and migrated to the United States in 1985.)

By Pete Albea

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