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Enough is enough


There is more to what meets the eye in the placard-bearing protesters which lined up the streets where the “Bike for Peace 2011” participants passed through.

Prior to this biking event, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front had issued statement that they are not participating in the cycling show which purportedly is part of the peace initiatives. The story about the protest quoted the news dispatch from the MILF which gave it a different shade.

Be that as it may however, we agree with the message that the placards bear: “Kasunduan, hindi bike”, which succinctly means agreement not biking. Simply put, the motley groups of demonstrators are showing their weariness over the protracted peace negotiations between the secessionist fronts and the government. The message is clear, and this addressed to both the government and the MILF, that the protesters had enough of posturing and stage shows for the unending conflict have taken its toll on the youths who want to live a normal and peaceful life and pursue a productive career for themselves and their families.

Indeed, the never ending negotiations ought to culminate in a peace agreement not now, not tomorrow but yesterday. It is preposterous to think that the negotiators from either side of the panel have not gone through all the gamut of contentious and peripheral issues. To claim that there are still areas that have yet to be debated upon invites suspicion that there are other ulterior motives from both sides other than achieving peace. Go biking for peace is a waste of time and opportunity. If the MILF thinks that this message is only addressed to government peace negotiators then they simply do not get the import of the message too.

This protest is an eloquent demonstration of how peaceful citizens have gotten tired not only of the conflicts but also of open-ended negotiations and the negotiators. And this can also be said of the talks between the government and the New Peoples Army represented by the National Democratic Front. The citizenry cannot, for example, comprehend why the Front participates in the democratic political process like election and legislation while their combatants ambush government troopers, burn private installations and engage in extortion in the name of ‘taxation’. The negotiators from both sides relish the ambiance of Kuala Lumpur venue in the case of the secessionist conflict while those with the CPP/NPA/NDF divergence frolic in the snows of Norway.

Enough is enough!

By Menardo Wenceslao

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