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Now that the Philippine National Games in Bacolod City has finally come to an end, the Campaign of Zamboanga City was successful as it gained 5 overall championships out of the 11 events competed in Bacolod City.

From day 1 of the event which was jointly sponsored by the Philippine Sports Commission and the Philippine Olympic Committee, Zamboanga proved to be one tough team to beat as all of the participating LGU’s including the National Squad made a run for their money as they competed with the best of Zamboanga’s athletes.

Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling and Weightlifting proved to be the sports of the Zamboangueños as we were proclaimed the overall champions in each sport mentioned.

Other sports also worth noting areAthletics, Pecak Silat, Swimming, Taekwondo, Arnis and Karatedo also contributed medals to the team.

Personally, I would like to congratulate the young team of Wushu for bagging three silvers and 8 bronzes which was a very good improvement from that of last year’s performance.  I happen to witness the event unfold right before my very eyes as how they fought their hearts out against the best of the best in the country.

Though a shy away from bagging the gold in the event, the young team made an impressive 3rd palce overall finish against the perennial overall champion Baguio whose athletes where a regular main stay of the Philippine National Pool and Iloilo.

Among those who contributed to the medals for team Zamboanga are : Edison Alabata for the Juniors division 48 kgs., Ulyssis Cabanlit for the Seniors Division- 60 kgs ; Kim Bryan Gregorio for the 65 kgs to make the tally of 3 Silver Medals while Jeric Catipunan, Jojie Velorio, Johnry Guarino, Rania Abubakar, Myra Adin, Marck Tura, Raymond Sorianosos and Raymond Cabayacruz who contributed to the 8 Bronze Medals.

Coached and Trained by Oscar Cabig and Jose Catipunan and the team was lead by Mr. Aniceto Sarmiento.

Now that the National Wushu Federation of the Philippines affirm its decision that the only rightful and legal group for Wushu for Zamboanga City and Region 9 is the group of Mr. Samiento and Mr. Cabig and no other group can carry out the name of the Sports without the acknowledgement of the two.
This development is a wake up call to all those who pretended to lead the Wushu group of Zamboanga. I hope they stop intervening in the development of the sport and that they should not claim to be part of the group who gave honor to the City.

To all the Zamboanga Athletes, I would like to extend my congratulations to your good performance. May you continue to bring honor to our beloved City.

By Ronnie Natividad

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