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Vientos de Paz: Searching peace through music


Music is one way of expressing oneself when ourselves fail to find the right words to say. Music expresses love, hatred, hope, sadness, faith, admiration, anger, but it can also be used to express a thing that we believe in, and Peace is one of them.

As part of the Music Cluster of the Youth Solidarity for Peace, the youth arm of Peace Advocate Zamboanga, named Vientos de Paz, we have journeyed to lot of places and have met many people with so many different beliefs and cultures.

In our journey, we have learned how to convert experiences into pieces of Music. A simple smile into a story with an inspiration is enough to make Music. Many people can relate to songs or music and they can express themselves better through them. With our songs, we have touched people’s lives and have let them see the other side of Mindanao especially the good side of Mindanao; through our songs we have let them feel the essence of it which is peace.

For the past many years, we have produced songs like Musikang Alaala, Liparin Mo, Hakbang, Paano ba?, Tayo ay Tunay na Pingapala, Yapak and many others. All of which were original compositions of Mindanao Artists. The messages of the songs transform one’s innocence about the current situation of our country into bringing the kind of hope for each of us to have. In that way, we encourage more youngsters to join us in the quest of advocating peace through music.

I came to realize that, music indeed is a universal language that can stir emotions and bring people together.  Music has brought great changes into lives, especially the youth. It has become a unifying force and a tool for conflict transformation, peace education and also peace building and we are hoping that all people can see it.

We still commit ourselves in producing more compositions and look forward that our music be aired in local radio stations and even extend it in the National Recording scene. One way or the other, we just want people to listen the melody of our messages wanting peace to reign in every hearts.

By Nurhida Asaali/ Aldrin Abdurahim
Young Peace Weavers 2010/2007

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