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It sems ironic, however, that I have never heard or seen any of these smart and brilliant Senators propose or file a bill that would offer viable and sustainable solutions to alleviate the deplorable conditions of poor Filipinos, the conversion of rebels and insurgents to the fold of the law, improvement of tax collections, curbing corruptions in the government service, and providing alternatives to stop the exodus of Filipinos who seek livelihood abroad and inducing OFWs worldwide to come back home and serve their country and people.

I really hope our bright and brilliant Senators would stop bickering and pounding their breast like heroes and instead start thinking of ways and means to resolve the country’s woes.

There are also some columnists that have proposed beneficial things for the country, although they criticize the administration most of the time. At least, even if they criticize, they nonetheless suggest solutions to solve some of the country’s problems.

I am disappointed, like some Filipinos, on the choices of President Aquino for his staffs that would assist him to achieve the promises he made, particularly to stop corruption, alleviate the miseries of the poor, make equal justice works for all, ensure every child receives adequate education and health care, and equal opportunities for all that want to improve their lives.

Like in most industries, the concerns of management are translated into good asset quality, adequate internal controls, and efficient management (AIM). As long as those criteria are present, the business is assured its growth. In government, however, a well-balanced, inclusive approach, to certain standards and ideals, is essential for the proper governance of any country.

A good leader always appreciates suggestions from its subordinated and low level management, but takes the last decision after analyzing whole situation. Some crucial moments also demand some daring and bold decisions. a leader having decision making capabilities can cope with different crucial circumstances.

By Pete Albea

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