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Conal Holdings Corp response to Business Chamber statement on coal-fired power plant


Conal Holdings Corporation is encouraged by the statements of the Zamboanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc. (ZCCIFI) welcoming the proposed construction of a 100 Mega Watt power plant for the City of Zamboanga. We are one with ZCCIFI in recognizing the urgent need for the development of new energy sources in order to avert the impending power shortage that threatens to disrupt the economic progress and way of life of the people of Zamboanga and the rest of Mindanao by 2014.

With regard to the Chamber’s queries on project costs vis-à-vis similar power plants, we would be very happy to meet with representatives of the Chamber at a time and place of their choosing to clarify any questions that ZCCIFI or any interested party may have about the project costs or any other concerns regarding the power plant. We look forward to the possibility of regular interactions between Conal and ZCCIFI where we can provide the Chamber with updates on the project.

Rest assured that we at Conal Holdings Corporation and the rest of the Alcantara Group will continue to work with ZAMCELCO, ZCCIFI, the City Government, community organizations, and concerned individuals towards an agreement that will provide the people of Zamboanga with safe, reliable, and affordable energy.

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