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Who will arrest the Taxpayers?


With the shocking COA report that Fifty Million Pesos of taxpayer’s money had been misused or misspent for the construction of various infrastructure projects in the Zamboanga EcoZone, plus the outrageously costly structural defects of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, and the many other public works around the archipelago that are visibly substandard or not completed according to the approved plans and specifications, the taxpayers now have all the justifications not to pay taxes anymore to the government.

The non-payment of taxes is further morally justified by the hard-line stance of many accountable and responsible public officials not to allow the auditing of the Intelligence Funds whose main source is the hard-earned little fortunes of the taxpayers. This further strengthens public suspicion that the Intelligence Funds have always been misused, misspent, and most probably grafted and corrupted year in and year out to line the pockets of some lustful individuals.

All these concrete evidences support the general suspicion that the fiscal wealth of the taxpayers have for the longest time not been honesty, properly, economically, and reasonably managed by the authorities responsible and accountable whose salaries, and other financial fringe benefits are provided for by us, the taxpaying public.

Since the taxpayers are the genuine employers and financiers of all public servants throughout the Philippine archipelago, we ought to be the sole authority to decide how and for what purposes our collective treasure should be spent and used. The taxpayers collectively represent the most essential, important, and indispensable life-support system of the entire government. As I boldly and repeatedly stressed in my previous articles, the true sovereignty of the Philippine government resides in the taxpayers, for without us, not a single public servant will be employed and sustained. All kinds of public authority and service emanate from us. The taxpayers are the” be all and end all” of Philippine government.

The time and urgency of the fiscal coup which I defined in my previous columns have come. This is the temporary and complete withdrawal of financial support to a generally corrupt government without the necessity of going to the streets to launch such revolt. Taxpayers will just stop paying taxes while the general cleaning of the entire public bureaucracy is undertaken. Once the thieves, the swindlers, the plunderers, the grafters, and the corrupters of taxpayers’ monies have been completely removed to the last man or woman, then governance will be re-installed with all the safety nets and deterrents against all forms of crookedness and venalities in public administration. Who will dare arrest us, taxpayers, if we don’t pay taxes for the reasons cited above? Do you think the government will survive without us? By the way, who will volunteer to guard our prison cells without salaries?

By Clem M. Bascar

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