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Time to exchange political baskets!


As borne out by the political realities of our contemporary world, most particularly and chronically evidenced by the reining power holders in the Middle East countries, there is a growing revival of leadership perpetuation or “leadership-for-life” phenomenon.  This is the casus belli of the armed revolts and militant uprising in these countries.

This political scourge is starting to take hold on some of our high-profile tax-fed and sustained public servants who after exhausting the full term of their position under our election laws, just shift to another elective post, then back and forth. Right now there are rumors of horse-trading and exchanging baskets as the next election season comes closer and closer.

This is not surprising or unique to our generation. This was the common proclivity and character demonstrated by the rulers of the First Republic-The Roman Empire. In fact, this political heritage was never extinct. It just slipped into inactivity as it gave way to the rise of other forms of public power accession, ascension, and possession under the present-day political ideologies and structures, most popularly the irresistibly and hypnotically attractive doctrine of democracy.

But just like any social craze or fashion, obsolescence, fatigue, disenchantment, and general dysfunction always precipitate and spawn widespread demands for the return to that genre of power that would ensure monopolistic or despotic control of governmental operations. In fact the trend toward dynastic strain of local and national governance is now in vogue throughout the archipelago which suits perfectly well the untamed fascination and romantic idealism of narcissists and plutocrats.

To ensure the highest possibility of getting elected, political blocs and economic elites enter into all sorts of alliances and deals.  Dominant bloodlines competing for the same power thrones and crowns are now in the thick of stockpiling political resources, pulling support strings here and there, and establishing electoral bases even in the most unlikely places.

The time for exchanging political baskets is here. For the business-minded but highly corruptible and bribable electors, this is bonanza season! Yes, time to put price tags to their votes, their loyalties, and their souls. May the highest bidders be the honorable victors!

By Clem M. Bascar

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