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Peace! How many more will die?


A thorough and comprehensive review of the circumstances and driving forces leading to armed confrontations in the past and even in today’s digital civilization, would easily reveal and sustain three major triggering or precipitating motives for territorial aggression, ideological domination, and economic conquest, namely; pathological desire for power, insatiable greed for material wealth, and the lust for glory, fame, and recognition.

Defense and other self-preservation mechanisms and strategies are natural or inherent reactions to threats of aggression, subjugation, and plunder by external forces. An aggressor employing military tactics, methods, and weapons of mass destruction, can never be a hero no matter how many battles he had won and how many opponents he had killed. Heroes are always on the side of the oppressed, the defenders, and the innocent. Medals and other military decorations, citations, and distinctions earned as an aggressor or conqueror are without moral and theological honor and value. At most, these are just memorials and psychological reinforcements of mass murder.

Those who advocate and spearhead armed uprisings against legally constituted authorities for whatever causes they espouse, can only be justified theologically, ideologically, and socially when their military revolts are immaculate acts of self-defense and preservation and not evilly launched to topple down a de jure government.

Within the frame of our recent history, peace has become the favorite and popular cause for waging rebellion not because it’s their only and last recourse for self-defense but because some overly ambitious and politically obsessed individuals use it as a convenient and high-speed bandwagon to advance their power aspirations and economic ambitions. Generally, leaders of this violent form of revolt are politically incapable of mustering enough power base and support to insure electoral victory. Insurrection provides power aspirants with alternative routes to political pedestals, economic fortunes, and psychological glorifications. The simultaneous uprisings in many countries at present could be the factual examples of this militant and violent phenomenon.

When power dreamers, wrestlers, and adventurers, the world over, get what they want through military uprisings, a large number of them abandon their original revolutionary causes, ideologies, alliances, and commitments. Other power chasers emerge to take over their places and the violent cycle goes on using the same thread-bare battle cry- Peace!  Oh, sweet peace, how many more will die in thy name?

By Clem M. Bascar

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