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Is it time for the Philippines to invite the Americans back?


China built makeshift ‘bases’ in the Spratlys. The Philippine Navy came in and dismantled them. Ballsy move. But, stupid.

If you (Philippines) will give the bully (China) a wedgie – FIRST make sure someone (US) has your back. Perhaps, a teacher? a cop? someone with a baseball bat? the USS Enterprise? Chuck Norris? Not AFTER the fact.

Secondly, do not spit in your backup’s (US) shoe, or in the Philippines’ case, do not drive them out arrogantly after they had built and defended our country for over 90 years. (Yes. There were many abuses. But, we were the envy of Asia from the 1900s to 1960s because of America).

The US Ambassador reiterated “America’s commitment to defending (its) ally” (per the old Mutual Defense Treaty). It is a hollow promise. Filipino activitists say the MDT “does not exist.” That it is “illegal.”

Plus, “mutual” may be interpreted by the US as both parties will do the “same, equivalent, or equal” favors for the other. We are screwed. Because, the last time the US requested ‘assistance’, the Philippines sent 30 or so non-combatant personnel to US-led Coalition operations in Iraq “to defend US interests.” Then- Pres. Arroyo recalled them after Filipino (OFWs) were threatened.

So, should China, or any other country, decide to annex PHI and/or make Filipinos their own slave-laborers, America may have the “same” half-hearted response. Not Gen MacArthur’s mighty naval, aerial and land forces. Yes, reciprocity is a bitch.

*Would the US back the Philippines or China?

The Philippines was America’s only ally in Southeast Asia. Japan, China, French Indo-China, British Singapore, HongKong, Australia and Malaysia, Dutch Indonesia, and the rest of Asia were either, resistant to the West, or under European domination. The Philippines was America’s protege, even offered it statehood. The Philippines was Maddox. The US was Angelina. Operative word – WAS.

Today, US owes China $843 billion. US companies invested billions in China, the 2nd biggest economy and soon, the biggest market. Plus, the US can not bomb China. It owns hundreds of factories there and thousands of Americans live there.

Also, the Philippines booted the US bases out in 1992, scaring American and foreign businesses out and their capital. Lack of American presence emboldened terrorists which took local and foreign hostages, scaring away tourists and their tens of millions of dollars a year.

The Philippines is now America’s ex-. Lots of happy memories. No plans for the future. Deleted from the friendslist.

*What to do?

The Philippines has a ramshackle military. China has modern arsenal. We either, 1) commit to a diplomatic solution (do not kick sand in Schwarzenegger’s face) Or, 2) invite the US bases back (be sure to have the Bin Laden-killing SEAL Team Six, Delta Force, Marine Recon, …the entire US 7th Fleet behind us). Not the “glowstick- throwing, tripping-over-each-other Benny Hill Show- Manila SWAT team slash clown-act” that bungled the rescue attempt that killed eight or so Chinese tourists in Manila. Which, oh by the way, made these Chinese angry, very angry at us.

*My personal view? Get the Americans back! Yesterday!

Not a battalion.The 1st Marine Division from Pendleton. Not SEAL Team 3, the Naval Special Warfare Command. Stop the stupid go-kart races and gaudy fashion shows in Subic already. Reopen the deep harbors to nuke-powered flattops, battleships that fire rounds the size of Volkwagen Beetles 15 miles away. Host combat-hardened Marine Expeditionary Forces in Cubi and Binictican. Restock Naval Magazine (not the reading material).

We need Blackhawks, not rickety Hueys. SAMs (surface-to-air missiles), not sampans. We need Blackwater, not bottled water. Poseidon missiles, not Poseidon (mis)adventures with ill-maintained, rusting Philippine Navy floating coffins.

No need for a tourist haven in Olongapo. Chinese submarines are at our shores. No need for an international airport at Clark. We are about to be forced to speak Cantonese while stitching Nike shoes for three cents an hour, 18 hrs a day. We need the Americans! The hellacious 405th Fighter Wing to Angeles, F-117 stealth bombers. “GI Joes” who will make strawberry jam out of Chinese invaders. (Sorry. Too much?).

We need America back so our beloved nation will remain free. And our people not slaves. Without America, we are not only sitting ducks. We are barbequed Peking ducks.

(Note: Ariel Gener served in the US Navy and US Marines. He loves one special, pretty Chinese lady. And the Chinese, in general. But, not those invading his beloved homeland. Do not mess with him. He knows Chuck Norris.)

By Ariel Gener

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