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God remembers us; and His love remains steadfast


You may not realize how far you have drifted from God until you contrast the love you are expressing to Him now with that of earlier days. Spiritual memory is important. If you do not guard your heart, you will grow cold in your love for Christ. A time may come when He approaches you and reminds you what your relationship was once like.

Do you remember the joy that filled every part of your life when you became a Christian? Do you recall the youthful commitments you made to Him, pledging to do anything He told you to do? Do you remember the thrill you experienced each time you came to understand a new dimension of His nature?

God has not changed. He is the same person you gave your heart to when you became a Christian. If you love for God is not as intense as it once was, return to Him. He will restore the intimate fellowship you once share with Him.

In Jeremiah 2:2 God was concerned because the people of Judah had allowed their hearts to drift far from Him. God shared His heart with the people, recalling what is was like when they first began loving Him. He reminded how they loved Him, as a new bride loves her husband, with excitement and enthusiasm for the nature.

Nothing you could ever experience, no matter how terrible or frightening, could ever separate you from the love of God (Romans 8:35). No tribulation and distress you ever suffer could be so intense that God’s love for you is not even more fervent. No persecution could ever be so sinful that God’s love cannot bring comfort.

Famine might starve you of food, but you will never hunger for the Father’s love. Poverty cannot strip you of God’s compassion, just as even death itself is incapable of robbing you of your heavenly Father’s infinite love.

If you base your view of God’s love on your circumstances, you will become confused. There may be times when you will ask, “How could a loving God allow this to happen to me? You may begin to question what you find clearly stated in the Word of God.

God promised that you would never be separated from His love; He did not say that you would never face hardship, persecution, poverty, or danger. Don’t ever judge God’s love based on your circumstances. Instead, evaluate your circumstances from the perspective of God’s love.

If you doubt that God could love you and still allow you to experience difficult experiences, consider the life of His only Son Jesus and remember His cross. Dear readers, brothers and sisters in Christ, even when our hearts grow cold towards God and our devotions to Him weakens, He remembers us; and His love remains steadfast.



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