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It was quite awhile now that I have written anything on my column. But one thing’s for sure though is that I still have this space for important issues that are needed to be discussed here.

Anyway, allow me to recount an incident that I recently experience when I renewed my Driver’s License in the Licensing Satellite Office of LTO situated at the vicinity of the Yubengco Mall at Guiwan Highway.

It was laudable for the LTO Officials to put up such satellite office to assist the people in the renewal of their Drivers Licenses. The personnel from the said office were accommodating and they even surpassed my expectation in terms of the turnaround time/ processing time. I was very appreciative that I got to have my license in just 15 minutes.

I salute the people who are working their hearts out diligently in order to assist the people properly.

However, much to my dismay is the process of securing the needed drug testing and Medical Results which is the basic requirement of LTO.

I am not blaming LTO for accrediting OMNI Drug Testing Center for I believe they passed the entire needed requirement for accreditation but only to the monopoly of this Company in this area.

Upon arrival at LTO –Yubengco office, I was immediately directed to secure my Medical /Drug Testing Exams at Omni which is very strategically situated at the side of LTO.

I followed the needed procedures for securing the said requirement but to my disappointment that it took me more than 5 hours to complete the process. I could have easily understood the reason if it’s because of the number of customers securing the same result. Things are really turn up when I noticed people being accommodate earlier than those who have followed the process. They have a number system but there are still those who get to be ahead of us even without the said numbers and processes.

Moreover, the personnel of the said testing center where more concentrated on chit chatting and other doing other unrelated things even they know that there are a lot of people waiting. This could have been prevented should they have a clear and smooth process to follow.

Come to think of the agony these applicants for renewal are experiencing ; Having to wait for a very long time despite how important their time is and especially that most of them are Birthday Celebrators.

I talked to some of the applicants that I was with, and they share the same sentiments. So therefore, I am calling the LTO to look at it and try to accommodate other Testing Centers and not to let monopoly ruin your raising performance.

To the owners and staff of OMNI, please focus on your jobs and let people feel that they are important since you should also exercise Customer Service at all times.

By Ronnie A. Natividad

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