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Life is School and Problems are the Curriculum


God used problems as an education. You’re never going to have a life without problems because that’s part of it. Many times when we have problems, suffering, difficulties, we think that God is punishing us, that God is mad, that we must be out of God’s will because nothing is going right. The fact is the Bible teaches that God’s will often include a positive use of problems in our lives.

Peter says that sometimes problems are God’s will. In 1Peter 4:19 we read: “So then those who suffer according to God’s will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good.” C.S. Lewis said, God speak to us in our pleasures, but shout to us in our pain. “There’s no doubt about it, when you are hurting God has your attention. God uses problems to direct us, to say, “I want your attention. ” You are going the wrong way.
Sometimes we’re a little complacent, we don’t want to change and He has to light a fire under us. It makes things uneasy. We get uncomfortable. Things get hot. Proverbs 20:30 reads: “Bleeding wounds purify evil blows bring healing to the inner self.” How many of you can agree with that verse? Sometimes it takes a painful experience to make us change our ways, God uses problems to motivate us, to get us going, get us in gear.

God uses problems to direct us. The clearest evidence in the Bible is a man called Jonah. Jonah is a clear example of a problem pointing you in the right direction. He was going to tarshish, heading east. God says “No, wrong way, Jonah.” He sent a great fish, swallowed him up and headed him back the other way. Sometimes a problem swallows you up. But when it spits you out you are in the right place.

The prodigal son went out and had his fun. He went out and spent his money. Scripture tells us he ended up in the pig’s pen, eating slop. It says in the pigpen he “came to his senses.” The fact is, we rarely change until we get desperate. God uses problems to prod us and to push us and to prompt us. He uses them as a catalyst to motivate us to get going. Many times God uses problem to direct us.

Problem reveals what’s inside of us. God uses problem as a test-to check us out, to look at our heart, to do a little examination. When you get under pressure it really reveals what you are. When you are in the squeeze, whatever is inside comes out. It’s like when you squeeze a tooth paste comes out. When you squeeze a lemon, lemon juice comes out. God uses problems not only to direct us but he uses problems to inspect us, test us.

Problems educate us. A problem never leaves you where it finds you. It picks you up like a tornado and drops you off somewhere else. Indeed life is a school and problems are the curriculum.
To God be the glory and honor.

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