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AMEN Your verse: Rain


Water follows paths where it can roll,

It fills in gaps no matter how small,

It rides on the heat of the sun up high,

Then scatters to earth from up the sky.

“To err is human to forgive divine.” This piece of concoction might have been the creation of sinful man or it might have been the words of one whose heart was full of kindness.

If the saying was the handiwork of one who was sinful then the saying might have sprung from a swelling remorse in his conscience for whatever transgressions he might have committed.

His display of an apparent sense of regret would have signified that he was ready to enter the door of atonement-given a chance, or even half a chance-and the offer of forgiveness would then have unburden the load of regret weighing heavy upon his shoulders. All it would have taken was a slice of Christian kindness.

On the other hand if the saying “To err is human to give divine,” is a line from the heart of a merciful man then the pardon offered would be suggestive not only of a cut of Christian kindness but the true act of a devout and faithful Christian.

Recently the general manager of ZAMCELCO and seven board of directors of the local electric cooperative were given their walking papers.

The general manager, aside from being booted out also forfeited whatever amount was coming to him.

The reason for the punitive measure was a result of their alleged misconduct against NEA edicts in the, accordingly, purchase of Zamcelco sorely-needed vehicles (to replace old and unserviceable ones) to service the wide area of Zamboanga City and the acquisition of department managers service cars.

These misdeeds against what was proper, as far as NEA was concerned was the basis of the punishment netted out.

Prior to the issuance of the punishment against the respondents, they were first roasted in public by the media with no letup subjecting them to public ridicule constantly. The public outcry reached fever pitch until it, accordingly, contaminated local politicians to step in. And that was that. The big man of the DOE ordered for a quick action of the affair and NEA allegedly followed the order.

Some of us, relative to the ZAMCELCO affair, were quick to cast our stones against the respondents and the damage that we have done resulted in wounds which are still bleeding. There was no forgiveness in us. We turned blind to the truth. There was only anger in some of us and we have rid ourselves of that “slice of Christian kindness.”

Those who cried foul against the respondents were elated with the punitive measure, happy and satisfied. There are quarters, however, who see and feel that the punitive measure was harsh and unjustified, for a first offense.

What do you say?

(This piece was not written in defense of respondents. It is written in defense of what is just-SBBJ)


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