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Problems are a teaching tool


Dear readers, problems in the Bible are often compared to the refining process of precious metal – gold or silver. We're in the refiner's fire. The way you purify metal is you turn up the heat and it burns off the dross. It burns off the impurities. It purifies it.  Problem can purify our life. They burn off things that don't count. Somebody asked a silversmith one time, “How do you know when the silver is pure?” and he said, “When I can see my reflection in it.” When God can see His reflection in us, He knows we have been refined. And like steel, people are stronger when they are tested.

So what about the problems we've got in our life right now? God may use it to direct us. There's something that needs to be changed in our life. God is testing us out. He's seeing what's really inside. He's doing an inspection on us. So He directs and inspects us.

Many times we bring problems on ourselves. Psalm 119:71 David says, "It was good for me to afflicted so that what I might learn your statutes." He wrote that after he committed adultery with Batsheba. As a result of that problem, David brought all kinds of grief on his life. Rebellion among the children, problem in the Kingdom, all kinds of things happened as a result of that relationship, and it was his fault. But the Bible says that even problem that we bring on ourselves God can use to direct us, to inspect us and to correct us.

God uses problems as an education. God may want to teach us about ourselves, about His power, about His wisdom, about His grace, about the fact that He cares about everything in our lives, about Himself. Or God may want to teach you about you, about a weakness that you don't want to recognize, about a blind spot that you have and the problem is the only way to get your attention.

God loves us and He is not willing that anyone should suffer. So let's check it out and see what needs changing and what can be developed. Don't wait until things become of crisis proportion. Many times we reap what we sow. Whenever we have a problem, don't ask Why? Don't say, "Lord, why? Why is this happening?"

Trust Him and ask, "Lord, what do you want to teach me? What do you want me to learn? What do you want to develop? What can I learn from this experience? Every problem can be a stepping stone or a stumbling block. Remember David says in PSALM 119:71 (Living Bible) "The punishment that you gave me was the best thing that could have happened to me for it taugh me to pay attention to your laws. Yes, problems are a teaching tool.


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