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Scripture teaches death's true nature (last part)


Human reason would tell you that death is cessation of existence, is universal because everything dies, and is unavoidable and irreparable. Scripture teaches  death's true nature. The cause of death is sin. The true remedy for death is Jesus Christ who abolished death-made death inoperative to those who are regenerated by the Holy Spirit. To the child of God, there is life instead of death and not life after death.

Death is a subject shunned by most. Nevertheless, death is a reality which well-informed Christians do not mind discussing. Death is appointed for all living; “For I know that thou wilt bring me to death, and to the hose appointed for all living” (Job 30:23). Job had a personal knowledge of death- I “I know”. He ascribed death to God, not to man-”Thou wilt bring me to death.” Men ascribed death to disease, accident, etc., but Scripture ascribes it to God. Death is a divine appointment. It is universal- “for all living.” Some are still born. They die before they come forth from the womb.

The body comes with sentence of death on it (Romans 8:10). The principle of death is present, and the body is the prey of death. Death is the result of sin. As soon as the body is conceived in the womb, it is sinful (Psalm 51:5). Death may be called mortality which is in our bodies. There is a time to be born and a time to die (Ecclesiastes 3:2).

Death can do no more harm to the children of God than it did to Jesus Christ. Believers shall die in union with Christ, interested in His life and death. The death of Christ was in the stead of the death of many. Believers pass through only the valley of the shadow of death (Psalm 23:4). They will never encounter death properly so-called, because they are already possessed of life.

The actual abolition of death has not yet occurred (Cor. 15:26). But its sting has been removed for the believer (1Cor. 15-58). Death has ceased to be penal for the believer. Christ's death on his behalf assures him that death is swallowed up by life (2Cor. 5:4). Christ is the Prince of life to the Christians; therefore, he shall not see death in its full consequences.

Since Divine justice has been satisfied, why do believers undergo physical death? The physical death of the Christian is not punishment for the penalty of sin. That condemnation was borne by Jesus Christ on the cross (Hebrew 2:9). Christians suffer many things in the flesh to remind us of what we were by nature and what we are by grace. These things must be endured throughout our earthly pilgrimage as we await the redemption of our bodies.

There are contrasts between life and death:(1) Physical birth is the introduction of a depraved nature, as the believer is introduced into the world to come. (2) Physical birth brings one ino the world of sin. Death takes the believer from the world of sin. (3) Physical birth is into the world of toil and labor. Death takes the believer into the world of rest. (4) Physical birth brings one into the of sorrow. Death takes him into the world of endless joy.
Physical birth brings one into the world of death. Death takes the believer into the world of endless life. Physical birth brings one into the world of imperfection. Death takes him into the world of absolute perfection. Physical brings one into the world of glory with a company of all his brothers and sisters in Christ.

When Jesus said, “Because I live, you shall live also,” (John 14:19) He was speaking of resurrection life. This is view of His death and resurrection. Not until Christ's death on the cross and His resurrection out from among the dead could His life be displayed on the elect. Life is guaranteed for the people of God in the Lord Jesus' statement, “You shall live also”. This life in incomplete now, but is destined to be perfected at the resurrection- (John 3:2).

Source: Life Brought to Life- W/E Best)

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