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Taxpayers - Alpha and Omega of Government


Every political official whether a legislator or an executive falls under the category of a public servant. He or she is a worker paid out of the taxes of the people. Their true employer or boss is not the President of the Republic of the Philippines or the Mayor of the city or governor of the province but the taxpayers.

Because the taxpayers do not assert their sovereignty as the indispensable and fundamental source of livelihood of these political officials, they have been abused, oppressed, and for the longest time have been made to believe that their principal and only obligation in the operations of government is to provide the fiscal resources for its day-to-day survival.

They don’t even complain if their own servants would pass a law imposing confiscatory and extremely exorbitant taxes and prescribe fines and prison sentences if they fail to pay their taxes on time. The taxpayers do not even realize that if they all decide not to pay taxes, the entire government will instantly collapse like a house of cards. Now our lawmakers are again planning to impose tax on every fruit tree planted and every animal raised-a tax that could only be conceived by a ruthless and greedy Roman or Latin lawmaker.

The inhabitants of Zamboanga City are already heavily saddled with all kinds of taxes, a large portion of these is allocated as Intelligence Funds which are exclusively at the discretionary disposal of the Chief Executive and not subject to regular COA audit.

Even the taxpayers who are the very owners of these “Top Secret Funds,” are prohibited from inquiring or examining how these monies are actually spent and for what purpose. These could be one of the major sources of the massive and systemic graft and corruption committed with impunity at all levels of the governmental bureaucracy.

If the taxpayers will remain passive, apathetic, and will not assert their fiscal sovereignty, their backbones will eventually be broken under the unbearable weight of oppressive and tyrannical tax burdens. For this compelling reason, I am urging all taxpayers to organize and rise to assert our collective right.

We are the only segment of society who wields the genuine fiscal sovereignty. Without our taxes, no public political official will be paid his salary and the entire government machinery will come to an instant stop. So if we stand solidly as one, we will be the Alpha and Omega of government. It’s high time we gave our public officials a lesson of their lifetime.

By Clem M. Bascar

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