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Let's all congratulate Lamitan City!


Once and for all, let’s stop this attitude of obstructing the political development of Lamitan City. The Supreme Court has already decided with finality that the cityhood of Lamitan is constitutional. Pursuing our vehement opposition would only make us appear politically greedy, jealous, and insecure. Instead of blocking the political progress of Basilan province which was once a component of Zamboanga City, we should show full support for them to accelerate their progress and development not only in terms of public works but also to broaden the base of democracy by creating opportunities for other political leaders to assume higher leadership roles and positions through the elevation of qualified municipalities to cities. This pluralistic, collegial, and participatory governance of Basilan province is very conducive to rapid expansion and spread of all aspects of development to the countryside involving the dynamic and progress-oriented leaders from the barangays, municipalities, cities, and province and with greater autonomy and delegation of leadership responsibilities. If this political synergy in Basilan is maintained and sustained, the likelihood of another city created in this current decade, is very high. This will make Basilan eligible for Metrohood, a political status that which will push down Zamboanga City to the lowest section of the COW’s tail in matters of development. If this comes to pass while Zamboanga City is kept deliberately frozen as  just a highly urbanized city, it might be too embarrassing politically and extremely damaging to the collective leadership of our highly qualified and competent officials in this only Latin City in the world.

Let’s open the windows of development for the countryside and start thinking of bringing the benefits of progress to the rural communities in both the East and West Coasts of Zamboanga City by allowing the long stunted barangays of Vitali, Curuan, Sangali, Manicahan, Ayala, Taluksangay, Labuan, and other qualified barangays to be elevated to municipalities and later on to cities so that we can be competitive with other fast-growing cities of the Philippines. It is too selfish to keep the huge territory of Zamboanga City for us to control politically when it has been proven over and over again that we cannot even effectively keep the peace and order and cleanliness of the 7-kilometer radius comprising the downtown area. Let’s throw away those biases and ghosts haunting our minds and hearts and treat everyone as our racial brother or sister. Dismiss that crippling fear about creators of chaos and dark forces for they constitute our biggest roadblock to the Metrohood of Zamboanga City.

Let’s stop taking advantage of the low educational status of the people in the rural areas and put a break on our blocking forces to subvert the common political aspiration of the barangays to grow by telling them that it is good to remain barangays forever when our real motive is to take exclusive and monopolistic control of a very large territory for our political interest. Do we not feel guilty that because of our refusal to share leadership and letting go of our control to give way to the elevation of barangays to municipalities, we have kept the growth and development of Zamboanga City as a whole frozen like a “sleepy hollow” or “in suspended animation” while its contemporaries are already Metro Cities? Remember Zamboanga City is not our hacienda or Villa. Let’s sympathetically and earnestly listen to their aspirations as the sovereign people. We might drive the people to take a very drastic move not to support the government anymore if they are treated like slaves when they are the source of all governmental authority. So let’s not lead them to believe that we are making Zamboanga City as our personal possession which we don’t like to share with anyone. Zamboanga City belongs to all the residents from Limpapa to Licomo not the Iberian Latinos. Let’s not discourage the taxpayers by suppressing growth and development in the country side. They might not pay taxes anymore. Why do we want a colossal territory we cannot effectively control and pay attention to? Have we forgotten the basic principle of “Span of Control” in management? How can we make Zamboanga City a Metropolis if we oppose the creation of other cities and municipalities? Think about this, please!

Meanwhile let’s rejoice and celebrate with the Lamitan officials and residents for their huge legislative and judicial victory as a newly created city. OUR MOST SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS! WE FERVENTLY HOPE AND PRAY THAT YOU WILL HAVE MORE MUNICIPALITIES TO BE ELEVATED TO CITIES VERY SOON. HOW WE WISH ANOTHER CITY WILL RISE IN ZAMBOANGA CITY IN THE MOST PROXIMATE FUTURE!

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