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Exonerate yourselves in a court of law


Any politician accused of graft and corruption of public funds can easily proclaim to the whole world that he is innocent. In the splendor and full coverage of Media, he can freely declare himself innocent of any criminal liability or acts of dishonesty like Pontius Pilate. Public statements declaring they are clean and innocent while cases against them have been filed with the Office of the Ombudsman or other courts of law are either taken at face value by their supporters or with more suspicion by your political foes. There are three very effective ways that persons accused of graft and corruption can resort to, to escape criminal liability, namely; lying with a straight face or through his teeth, pretend not to remember any wrongdoing committed, (selective amnesia) and invoke the right to self-incrimination.

The taxpayers however, who are the real owners of the funds have always been very tolerant and even unmindful about these fiscal anomalies and crimes that are committed by many government officials which could be the principal reason why more crooks are getting elected for public offices election after election since the justice system and the Commission on Audit have been implicated and involved as conspirators and accomplices for the plunder of the national treasury, the depository agency for the collective wealth of the taxpaying citizens.

Practically, the taxpayers who inherently possess the most powerful weapon against graft and corruption have been snoring and sleeping like Rip Van Winkle. Because of our “ we don’t care,”  “so what” and “bahala na” mindset, we have spawned over the years all kind of predators and fiscal critters in public offices. Now we have “tongpats” givers, “return to sender couriers,” “commission dealers,” “percentage artists,” “payroll doctors,” “ghost project engineers and workers,” etc.

Because of our own collective undoing, indifference, unconcern, and utter apathy, we, the taxpayers have always been the regular serial victims of all these shenanigans of the government officials. Over the entire period of our political history, we have always allowed our servants in the different offices of government to abuse, take advantage, rape, and plunder our common fiscal resources. We did not even raise a finger of dissent when Congress passed a law exempting the Intelligence Funds from regular COA audit. Senators and Congressmen are nothing but the paid servants of the taxpayers, no more, no less. Paradoxically however, these brilliant lawmakers were able to magically blindfold the taxpayers and instill fear in us that if we don’t pay tax, we will be placed behind bars. So we taxpayers all these years were kept ignorant of the essential fact that without our taxes, these government officials will not survive.  

This time, we taxpayers will demand that all our monies should be audited and accounted for, to the last centavo, including the Intelligence Funds which by act of Congress have always been considered a “Top Military Secret” or” Sacred Purse” which could not be examined by even the owner of these funds. If these funds will remain “off limits” to the taxpayers, then the FISCAL COUP that I have advocated to be launched against a generally corrupt government must be launched. This means that if the Intelligence Funds which are owned by the taxpayers will not be audited and opened for public examination and scrutiny, the taxpayers will declare a total moratorium on the payment of taxes as soon as we are solidly organized. For me nonpayment of taxes is the best peaceful uprising to cleanse thoroughly a graft and corruption ridden government. After all, the real sovereignty of the nation emanates from the taxpayers. Without the taxpayers, political, legislative, and judicial sovereignties are nothing but empty power chairs. Grafters and corrupters, exonerate your selves in a court of law!

By Clem M. Bascar

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