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Mindanao and Sulu belong to all of us


Wherever you, whoever you are, whatever dreams you have, and whatever cause you are fighting for, are matters purely personal or institutional that you and the organization to which you belong should take full accountability and responsibility. For me the only essential genetic code that really counts and matters is that we are all brothers and sisters with a common biological heritage and genealogy- humanity.

Nobody among us has the exclusive birth right to any piece of territory or any life space, from the standpoint of theology, everything in this world is held common for the survival and sustenance of humanity without any distinction as to race, religion, ethnicity, and other distinguishing features which make us unique, like, or different from one another. Differences and similarities among us are either, hereditary or environmentally acquired through the process of cross-breeding and other methods of human propagation, reproduction, or pro-creation. All of us human inhabitants of this world fall under one biological classification which carries the genetic code of the homo sapiens… the most favorite and most brilliant form of life created by God with the exclusive divine mandate to take full control and exercise dominion over all other species of lower intelligence and qualities.

Wars, killings, kidnappings, and other acts of destroying another human life, have no divine justifications. From the standpoint of the laws of man, however, the only justification is self-preservation or self-defense. Any killing or harm done to any other human being by acts of aggression is a crime irrespective of the cause you are fighting for or and to what  side of the war front you belong. In the standard of heaven, there are no heroes in war. There are only superior forces that defeat the weaker ones. Both are losers, and both are criminals under the God’s Divine Justice. The objective reality is when you kill another man you actually murder a fellow human, a human brother or sister.

But it’s a theological truth that man has been given by God the freewill- freewill to execute or put into action any desire, motive, ambition, and aspiration to preserve one’s life even to the extent of killing  another man with all the responsibility, accountability, and the consequential punishment that may be justly imposed upon it by the Almighty. In other words, innocence must still be proven in the court of heaven.

Divine and human laws have basically the same purpose to preserve everything that is good, desirable, and beautiful. Man undeniably is the most beautiful of all the creations for which our Almighty has explicitly prohibited to kill or destroy. And yet, every day we violate this divine commandment for reasons we just imagine to exist or for our personal purpose and interest, or for the attainment of our power ambition, or to protect and preserve our position, or to fight for the ulterior designs and grandiose political schemes of others, or to wage a war for others for money and other material considerations. In some instances, we are drawn into violent confrontations against other forces without even a clear or full understanding of the circumstances or ideologies to which we pledge our commitment, loyalty, and obedience. Some of us have been hoodwinked, persuaded, and some instances forcibly asked to join movements and struggles aimed at sowing terror or toppling a de jure government resulting in a situation of general political turmoil and national instability.

Whatever is your religious or ethnic classification or distinction does not make you different from any other human being. Whether we are Muslims, Christians, Moros or Filipinos or any other nationality the common unifying and harmonizing biological element is our genetic heritage- humanity. We are all therefore, human brothers and sisters. So why should we quarrel over a territory that belongs to all of us? Do we really want peace? Then, why do we have guns? Don’t you think the best philosophy to adopt is harmonious and peaceful co-existence without any weapons of war and violence?

By Clem M. Bascar

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