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If we fear the Lord as Christians, then we differ from others. We watch and walk with God while others live without Him in the world. We speak with Him about His doing, while others are dumb and deaf before Him. Those  who fear the Lord are quickened souls, once dead in sin, but now alive to God, “quickened together with Christ.” there are Godward movements in our hearts. We have crowned Him King of our hearts.

Those who fear must be near to God. We were once “far off,” but have been brought near by the blood of Jesus. The spirit thus guides us to the throne of grace-but not as rebels who dread the King's approach. Yes, only His loving children and His loyal servants can honor the Lord as a father and fear Him as a master.

In approaching God on His throne, we mingle reverence of His glory with hope in His mercy. This is a combination only found where the true fear of God is. The same view of God that inspires hope also produces reverential fear. The glory of God as seen in the cross, commands our admiration as well as our trust.

They who fear the Lord seek to do His will. That the Lord may be pleased and glorified is the end to which we aspire. We cannot be happy without respecting all God's Commandments (Psalm 119:6). it is then in reverent obedience that those who fear the Lord may expect His secret to be with them (Psalm 25:14).

1. True Christians differ from others because with them is “the secret of the Lord.” This means more than that we have the Bible in our hands, they also have the fear of the Lord in their hearts; because the Bible contains the complete revelation of the will of God. Those who fear the Lord have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God, to know the things freely given to them of God.

The Lord shines the gospel light on us, and He also shines into our hearts the light of the knowledge of His glory in the face of Christ (2Cor.4:6). His spirit guides us into daily lessons about His promises, presence, and power. In the process we are changed into the image of Christ, from glory to glory, by the spirit of the Lord (2 Cor. 3:16).

The secret of the Lord is with those fear Him. He acquaints us with His everlasting purpose to save us. He reveals intimations of His will while we pray, providing inner peace regarding problems and opportunities. He gives us secret burdens for others for whom we should plead. He reassures us by reminding us of His providential governance over our lives and over history.

The Lord shares His secrets with those who fear Him. Imparting wisdom and peace in difficult times. He gives them guidance during times of decision. He gives reassurance as needed. Fear the Lord. Let His Word be precious, and use it for the ends for which it is given.

Aspire for a clearer view of its wonders, a simpler faith in its truth, a ravishing sense of its sweetness, and a deeper experience of its power. Be guided by its light, molded by it form, fed by its manna, cheered by its comfort, fearing Him and learning His secrets day by day-for fearer of God are favorites of God.


(Source: Pulpit Message-By Dr. John Kennedy)

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