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A hero with having to fight


Unforgivably he is late no doubt by a hundred years yet unexpectedly he is here a hero by any term he knows by pure gut feeling that blood-spilling still rages in the frontiers untamed where his comrades were savagely mutilated like ducks and frogs just days gone by more than a reason to cry more than a cause for vengeance a crime too unconscionable even by the standards of cannibals still valiantly he is here to fulfill an allegiance for the sake of reason liberty, justice, peace,  harmony and everything sacred and beautiful unmindful of all the odds and dangers around.

In a flash he could be blown apart to bits and pieces unrecognizable for stepping upon evil dreams scattered neath foothills and crevices untrodden yes, he could be gone, too, in a wink of an eye true, he is here in flesh and blood without any sense of harm or fright proudly waving the Old Glory in the traditions of patriots not realizing that the war had been long over a century, perhaps...yet by all standards of peace he is a real hero without having to fight

By Clem M. Bascar

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