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What’s wrong with the World?


Leaders of the world seems to be repeating the mistakes of the past. All the danger signs are already in our midst. Global breaking point will possibly occur this coming October ( The allies in the past could disintegrate and be future enemies. Economic and financial analysts believe that there’s only six weeks to save the euro but most of them believe that the dark clouds is on the horizon. All kinds of signs that the financial world will experience a nervous breakdown( Massive amounts of investors money reportedly is being pulled out of the stock market. The biggest stock market crashes tended to happen in the fall. The global market is allegedly on the verge of “Black October”. European debt crisis continue to worsen and weird financial activities are being made all over the world.

Lyndon LaRouche of the Executive Intelligence Review commented that the international financial elite met last week in Washington DC for the annual meeting of the IMF-WB (International Monetary Fund-World Bank). EIR said that the group meet in an environment of utter panic and hysteria created by the death rattle of their global financial system and by their own criminal incompetence to deal with it.

LaRouche added that this is a 1923 style collapse on a global scale and the political leadership of America is acting like the ‘dumb’ Germans from that period. “They have not learned nothing from that lesson. Nearly everyone in leading positions today has flinched and backed off from the necessary measures. They are not prepared to defend civilization. The system is over.”, LaRouche concluded.

Los Angeles Times report said that the west has apparently been under attack by an organized cabal of inter-generational banking families and corporate, business and military enablers for at least 200 to 300 years now. In the past 50 years, the pace has accelerated. These handful of wealthy central banking families reportedly want to impoverish the U.S. and render its citizens penniless.

Pundits believe that this is what they call “directed history”, in which events including wars are planned to ensure maximum destruction of the culture as it is in order to further militarize, globalize and impoverish what remains. Modern nation state is now funded by central banks, governed mostly by private bankers and the super ‘elite’. It’s ultimate goal is formal global governance. The United Nations will be possibly modified to implement a world government. These super elites reportedly like to work within a “lawful” environment of their own creation and continually consolidate power. The pattern is very clear. Methinks, the globalists have perfected the art of war. Their citizenry having a good life, through the “living like a king, die like a rat” policy. When war is needed to create prosperity, jobs and economies collapse. Even the most smartest among the citizenry will be manipulated and forced to fight to save the republic. Everything is pre-determined like a program scenario.

Even China’s elite and it’s politburo are worried and concerned about the stability of the American and European banks because of their investments and exposures. It will be like a domino that everybody will be dragged and fall. It’s now a reality that governments do not run their nation, it’s the super elites who runs it. Blogger Glutimas Maximus said that millions of people will be wiped out soon and their savings gone. We can ignore this reality indefinitely but we can’t ignore the consequences of this evil plan. It would absolutely be devastating.

Beware of the nuclear war in the offing!

By Erick San Juan

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