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Masturbation is Abortion?


The latest RH Bill plenary debate has enlightened millions of Filipinos as the Honorable Senator Juan Ponce Enrile labeled the act of masturbation as a form of abortion. Enrile says it comes from his belief as a Roman Catholic.

The Roman Catholic Church and CBCP views masturbation as “an act that constitutes a moral disorder and absolutely and without any excuse, a seriously disordered act”. It has the same category as bestiality and sodomy.

At the Senate RH Bill plenary, Enrile has said that…

“And the question that bothers me is… Is the sperm alive? Is the ovum of the woman alive? I have consulted doctors and the answer is yes.

The sperm of a man cannot fertilize any egg, not the egg of a whale, or a lizard, or a bird, or a fish, but only the egg of a woman. And neither can the egg of a woman be fertilized by any other sperm except the sperm of a man, so that these two elements must be together to create life. But each one of them has life. There is no question about that because they have mobility: They move; they develop.”

And with this statement, Sen. Pia Cayetano a co-author of the Senate’s version of the Bill, gave a hypothetical scenario where a man ejaculates outside the woman’s vagina, here are the excerpts.

SEN. PIA CAYETANO: “So, if a man and a woman are sleeping together as husband and wife and a man avails of the withdrawal method and ejaculates outside the vagina of a woman, that is ‘interference’ in the same way a condom would be, because the man and the woman decided not to allow the egg and the sperm to meet, is that his Honor’s position?”

SEN. JUAN PONCE ENRILE: “Well, if the man wants to satisfy himself by manipulating himself alone, if it is only for pleasure, then it interferes with the production of life. That is my belief. That is a matter of faith to me.”

Senator Enrile believes that the sperm is a living entity and that ejaculating it outside a vagina is a form of abortion and that a sperm’s purpose is only for pro-creation and not for pleasure. Faith is important for Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and it is important for the Filipino Roman Catholics. But should faith interfere with the laws of a secular government or not?, Should all the rules and basis of morality of the Catholic Church be included in the Philippine Constitution?

Is belief really an acceptable argument in an intellectual discourse? or should religion be well represented in the government?  None of us will know until the RH Bill has come to a vote... or will it?

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