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Let's stop giving false hope on regional transfer


The author since early 2000 maintained that the return of the Regional Center to Zamboanga City from Pagadian is not possible.

The transfer is covered by Executive Order 429 signed by then President Corazon Aquino sometime in 1990.

Let us be realistic so that the regional employees affected will not be misled and continue to hope against hope.

First, the issue is political in nature. Why? Because no President would ever amend Executive Order 429 when the voting population of Zamboanga del Sur including Pagadian City and neighboring Zamboanga Peninsula provinces is over one million compared to Zamboanga City's more or less 360,000 voters.

Zamboanga del Sur has 2 representatives, Zamboanga del Norte has 3 and Sibugay has 2 or a total of 7 against 2 representatives of Zamboanga City.

The 3 provinces mentioned have 3 Provincial Governors, 3 City Mayors, and more than 50 municipal mayors versus 1 Mayor of Zamboanga City.

The number of local officials composed of 1 Mayor and 2 representatives of Zamboanga City to lobby for the return of the Regional Center against that of the 3 Zamboanga Peninsula provinces could be an exercise in futility.

The local officials of Zamboanga City are aware that the return of the Regional Center to Zamboanga City is no longer possible for political reason, so let's stop giving false hope to the people especially to the regional employees by giving them hope that something could still be done which is tantamount to fooling them.

The moratorium issued by the President is merely a “Complimento de Bobo” according to some broad-minded political observers.

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